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10 Cosmetic Treatments to Simplify Your Beauty Routine

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A clear, glowing complexion and a few natural enhancements can help you significantly cut down on prep time each morning.
Simplify your beauty routine with results-focused treatments

1. Clear away break-outs with Isolaz.

Active acne flares are difficult and time-consuming to cover up, and the type of makeup that covers pimples best is often pore-clogging, which only makes the situation worse. Isolaz is a proven and effective acne clearing treatment, and the only one of its kind shown to deep clean pores and use energy to zap bacteria, for fast results.

2. Create a smooth foundation.

If scarring has left your skin with an uneven texture, you know just how difficult it can be to cover up. Advances in skin resurfacing have provided effective treatments with less downtime than ever. RF Microneedling (radiofrequency microneedling) delivers energy below the skin’s surface to the root of the problem, damaged collagen bundles. By protecting the skin’s surface, downtime is minimized, as are the risks for the most sensitive skin types (types 4-6).

3. Mascara is so 2014.

In the past few years we’ve seen falsies overtake mascara as the go-to eyelash enhancement. Falsies give you a polished look 24/7, but are fairly high maintenance. Most require you to visit a salon for re-application every few weeks and avoid swimming, not to mention they can actually damage your natural lash line if they’re not cared for carefully. Why not try the ultimate low-maintenance lash hack this summer? Latisse helps your lashes to grow darker and longer, naturally. So you’ll always look strikingly beautiful, even after a swim at the shore.

4. Undereye concealer is not the answer.

If you’re like most of us, undereye concealer has never been the answer you’ve been promised. It always goes one of two ways: no amount of layering seems to completely cover the purple darkness under your eyes, or you end up with a white raccoon look a-la-Kardashian-extreme-contour. That’s because the real problem is the contour irregularities under the eye – the tear trough hollows or puffy bags. These ripples and waves can’t be color-corrected away, they have to be smoothed out from below, by repairing the changes to the skin’s support system. For most, a combination of laser therapy to thicken skin and clear away blood vessels (purple discoloration is often a collection of red and blue veins visible through thin skin), and fillers used to smooth out contour irregularities caused by fat loss as we age.

5. Switch your razor for a laser.

Shaving is really inconvenient. Summer is the perfect time to say “no more” to time wasted removing hair the old-fashioned way. Laser hair removal is easy, quick, and effective.

6. Stop contouring your jawline.

Strobing put up a good fight, but it looks like contouring is here to stay. In fact, contouring seems to be spreading beyond the face (check out this full-body makeup look complete with abs!). Now that strikes me as bit high maintenance for my taste. However, there are a lot of women (and even some men) contouring a leaner jawline. With Kybella, though, creating a lean, tight neck is really easy: just a few jawline injections spaced several weeks apart, and you’re ready to skip another step in your morning routine.

7. and your nose.

On that note, noses have long been contoured skinnier and longer. It made sense: a rhinoplasty is not a simple procedure, the recovery is quite drawn-out, and it’s fairly expensive. So why not try a temporary rhinoplasty? Recently, though, advanced dermal filler techniques have brought about the liquid nose job. Dermal fillers are certainly longer lasting than makeup, but they are still temporary, and have very minimal downtime, making them a good alternative.

8. Skip the Lip.

Lip augmentation with dermal fillers has been around for years, but new injection techniques and some filler brands are making it easier for physicians to create a more pronounced lip border (think lip-liner-esque). This new type of lip augmentation has many women ditching the lip liner and lipstick in favor of a longer-lasting lip look.

9. Multitasking – it can be done!

We’ve all heard you can’t truly multitask, but your skincare can! This summer, choose products that are light-weight and tackle several key concerns at once, to cut down on time. Here’s a few we love:

  • PRO-C BRIGHTENING SERUM (Essentials MD Line) with Vitamins A, C, & E, and CoQ10 for a brighter skin tone and smoother skin texture
  • NIGHTIME RETINOL SERUM 5X (Essentials MD Line) with Retinol, Caffeine, and Green Tea Extract for skin that’s healthier, smoother, and firmer

10. Save your blow-out.

Humidity and sweat are the mortal enemies of a fresh blowout. That’s why we’ve seen so many women interested in Botox to prevent scalp sweating. Yes, this treatment really works, and it will definitely save you time this summer.