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10 Things to Ask Your Doctor About Laser Hair Removal

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Questions to ask during your laser hair removal consultation:

  1. What kind of lasers do you use, do you own or rent your lasers?
  2. How many hair removal lasers do you own? How many other lasers do you own?
  3. Are you a board-certified physician?
  4. Is there another specialty where you focus your time as well, such as gynecology or internal medicine?
  5. How many years have you been performing laser hair removal?
  6. How many days per week do you perform laser hair removal?
  7. Who will be performing my treatment?
  8. Have you treated many other patients with a skin type similar to mine?
  9. Is your laser specific for people with my skin type?
  10. Can you tell me about your training and experience? Do you attend continuing medical education courses on this subject?
  11. How much does the procedure cost?