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6 Ways to Fight Gravity with Thermage Non-Invasive Tightening

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Gravity becomes a four-letter word when you hit 35. Suddenly things aren’t as high and tight as they used to be. You find yourself envying the eyelids and knees of younger women – things you never noticed before. And while yours aren’t even that bad for your age, you wonder what can you really do to put up a good fight against gravity?

Thermage is targeted radio-frequency that heats the collagen layer within your skin, causing it to contract. Over time, your body reacts to this heat by building more collagen, which improves the tightening and firming result. Thermage is FDA-Approved for safety, and trusted by many famous faces, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey, Demi Moore, Linda Evangelista, and Jennifer Aniston.

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Here are 6 ways to use Thermage to fight gravity:

1. Bright Eyes

Open up your eyes, lifting the area all around and above the eyes. Lifting and rebuilding the collagen around the eye will give you that rested and refreshed look (bonus: your eyeshadow will thank you).

2. Flaunt Your Legs in Leggings This Winter

Leave them wondering how your legs stay so toned and smooth, with Thermage for thighs. Thermage tightens and firms the skin, reducing cellulite and eliminating those fine lines just above the knee.

3. Make a Statement with a Bare Neck

Forget a statement necklace or showy fur stole, and let your neck do all the talking this winter. Thermage can tighten and tone your decollete, neck, and jawline without surgery or  downtime.

4. A Great Midriff is the Best Revenge!

Who doesn’t want to look amazing in this season’s hottest bodycon dresses? With all the photos your friends and family will be taking over the holidays, what your wear to holiday gatherings is sure to linger on the internet. Be photo-ready with a tightened tummy and renewed confidence.

5. Are Your Hands Saying Too Much?

You speak with your hands, but are they broadcasting your message, or your age? Thermage can tighten up loose skin and provides a nice firming treatment.

6. Ditch the Sweater and Show Off Your Shoulders

Tell bat wings to take a hike, with a firming and tightening Thermage treatment. Forget covering up your arms with a sweater or stole, and enjoy the confidence of beautiful, toned arms.

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