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6 Ways To Fight Gravity With Thermage®

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Gravity can take a toll over time, and one day you realize you’d like things to be a little higher and tighter than they are. A firm, lifted body is one of the classic signs of youth, but unfortunately, it can feel like a losing battle as time goes on. Although surgery can be an option, it’s not for everyone. Fortunately, we offer some of the best non-surgical skin tightening options on the market, and there’s a lot you should know about Thermage®. Here’s your guide to fighting gravity with the latest in cosmetic technology.

What is Thermage®?

Thermage® is a targeted radiofrequency treatment that gently heats the collagen layer within your skin, causing it to contract. Over time, your body reacts to this heat by building more collagen, which improves the tightening and firming ability of the skin. Thermage® is well-known for its safety and is trusted by many famous faces, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey, Demi Moore, Linda Evangelista, and Jennifer Aniston.

What is Treatment Like?

Thermage® can be performed at our state-of-the-art offices and requires no downtime or incisions. It can be performed with a topical anesthetic, which is applied after your treatment area is cleansed and prepared. Then, we’ll assess your treatment areas and make marks on the skin for more precise treatment. While you’re lying on a comfortable table, a specialized pad is placed underneath your back. This pad helps complete the circuit of radiofrequency energy as the handpiece is applied to the area. This generates a deep heating sensation that is controlled by your cosmetic physician for precise results. The handpiece also contains specialized cooling technology to avoid skin damage. Once treatment is complete, you can return home.

How Can Thermage® Help?

One of the great benefits of Thermage® is that it can be used in a variety of effective ways in many different areas of the body. Whatever your goals for a tight, gravity-defying figure, our cosmetic physicians can recommend your best options. Here are 6 ways to use Thermage® to fight gravity:

Bright Eyes

Over time or because of genetics, the upper and lower eyelids can become heavy and sunken. This can make the eyes look small, hooded, and aged. Additionally, it can make it difficult to wear your favorite eyeshadows when it feels like it gets lost or creases even with the best primers. Thermage® can be a great non-surgical way to brighten and rejuvenate the eyes, lifting the eyelids and surrounding areas. Tightening and rebuilding the collagen around the eye will give you a rested and refreshed look (bonus: your eyeshadow will thank you). Consider tear trough fillers for a little extra rejuvenating volume.

Legging-Worthy Legs

There’s no need to ditch your favorite comfy leggings. Leave them wondering how your legs stay so toned and smooth with Thermage® for the thighs. Thermage® tightens and firms the skin, reducing cellulite and eliminating fine lines just above the knee. Whether it’s tight leggings or your favorite shorts, you can feel comfortable your thighs won’t let you down. Got stubborn fat? SculpSure® can reduce fatty pockets with just a few treatments with no downtime required.

A Neck to Remember

Forget a statement necklace or showy fur stole— let your neck do all the talking with your favorite low-cut outfits. If sagging neck skin makes you look heavier than you are, then put away the scarf and consider your non-surgical alternatives. Thermage® can tighten and tone your decollete, neck, and jawline without surgery or downtime. Additionally, Botox® can be a great option for neckbands while Kybella® can sculpt and refine fat under the chin for a profile like no other.

The Midriff of Dreams

Who doesn’t want to look amazing in their all-star swimsuit rotation? “Wow” your friends and family and make sure your quality time at the beach leaves you feeling great with a tightened tummy and renewed confidence. Thermage® can tighten loose abdominal skin for a high and tight midriff that doesn’t leave you dreading pictures. Looking to slim down at the same time? Tone your tummy with Emsculpt®, capable of burning fat and building muscle at the same time.

Hands to Match

You speak with your hands, but are they broadcasting your message or your age? Hands are often one of the first places to show signs of aging because of wear and tear over time from sun damage and collagen breakdown. If you’ve begun to notice that your hands are a little looser and more ‘ropey’ than they used to be, then you’ve got options. Thermage® can tighten up loose skin and provide a nice firming treatment. Radiesse® can also provide plumping volume in the areas between prominent tendons in the hands, leaving your hands looking fresh and young.

Tight, Toned Arms

No matter your fitness level, the upper arms are one of the biggest victims of gravity over time. At a certain point, you might find yourself covering up in your favorite tank tops or dresses. Putting your arms up might even be out of the question. Tell bat wings to take a hike with a firming and tightening Thermage® treatment. Forget covering up your arms with a sweater or stole and enjoy the confidence of beautiful, toned arms. If fatty deposits are part of the problem, CoolSculpting® can reduce fat with just a few easy treatments.

What Results Can I Expect?

Most patients find great results with Thermage® after just one treatment. In the timeframe after your initial treatment, you’ll see additional tightening of the skin with a noticeable reduction in cellulite. You can expect this to occur in the two-to-six month period after treatment with results that last years beyond. You can opt for re-treatment as needed, and our cosmetic physicians can recommend the ideal treatment package for you during a private consultation.

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Thermage® is one of the best non-surgical ways available to tighten skin in your favorite areas without downtime or hassle. Our cosmetic physicians can recommend your best options with Thermage® and our wide selection of non-surgical treatments and technologies during a consultation. To get started, contact our Martinsville and Livingston offices by calling or filling out our online form.