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A Surprisingly GOOD use for Nicotine!

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We all know that nicotine is a primary ingredient in tobacco products, and is the primary agent of addiction in cigarettes. Tobacco is known to speed up the development of facial wrinkles, but a recent discovery by Italian scientists might put tobacco in the anti-wrinkle category.

Wild tobacco is known to contain high levels of proline and glycine, amino acids that are found in abundance in human collagen. In the Italian study, wild tobacco was tested on keratinocytes, a major component of the skin’s dermis, and fibroblasts, the most common cells in human connective tissue, to identify potential anti-aging properties. Not only was tobacco found to be a powerful anti-oxidant, but its mix of amino acids, sugars and peptides positively impacted skin cells at the genetic level.

Although further tests are needed to confirm power of tobacco to contribute to beautiful skin, it’s currently available in several products under the ingredient name Bionymph.