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A television star and a Muppet both proudly report getting Botox injections

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Life in the limelight can be challenging, with media outlets and bloggers criticizing every fashion choice a celebrity makes, and each new wrinkle that appears on a star’s face. Two ladies who know this well – Courteney Cox and Miss Piggy – recently spoke with news sources on why they choose Botox injections.
Cox told The Telegraph, a UK newspaper, that she’s a “guinea pig” for products that promise a younger looking face.

“Look, I’m close to 50. Getting older isn’t easy for anybody. Especially here in Los Angeles. So let’s be clear: looking youthful is something I do a lot of research on. Man, I could use some Botox right now,” Cox said, quoted by the news source.

Botox injections are just one component of Cox’s skin care regimen. She also keeps her complexion protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays, gets plenty of sleep and exercises regularly. Additionally, the actress said that she steers clear of carbohydrates and loads up on protein-rich foods like steak.

Clearly, Miss Piggy’s diet isn’t so stringent, as the full-figured Muppet was seen in her latest movie, simply titled The Muppets, downing a plate of iced donuts. She sat down for an interview with the Daily Mail in which she spilled her anti-aging secrets.

“I look younger. And the truth is that I have had work done,” Piggy confessed to writer Jan Moir. “I’m not afraid to admit it, Moir. I believe one should maintain one’s beauty by whatever means necessary – nip and tuck, Botox, caulking. If it works, do it.”

Last year, the International Business Times pointed out a number of other celebrities who have gone under the needle in order to look good on-screen.

Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Jenny McCarthy, Sharon Osbourne, Vanessa Williams, Jennie Garth, Daisy Fuentes, Simon Cowell, David Hasselhoff, Linda Evangelista, Janice Dickinson, Lisa Rinna, Cindy Crawford, Kim Catrall and Nicole Kidman all made the news source’s list of Botox-ed celebrities.

Botox’s popularity may be attributed to its proven efficacy and long-term safety. While the injectable is relatively common and safe, it’s still important for patients to do research on the product and speak with their healthcare provider about whether Botox injections are appropriate for them.