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Americans of all ages choose laser acne treatment for clearer skin

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Many people believe that acne is only a problem for teenagers, but they’re wrong. The skin condition, in which pores get clogged with dirt and form pimples, can strike at any age. Although it can sometimes be genetic, acne may be triggered by hormonal changes, cosmetics or excessive sweating.

Colorado-based dermatologist Laurence Kirwan, who practices in both the UK and the U.S., predicts that the upward trend in people seeking laser acne treatments will continue rising, according to the Cosmetic News Portal.

Laser technology is a safe, effective and minimally invasive strategy to eliminate acne-causing bacteria in the skin. Additionally, the application of light targets overactive sebaceous glands, leading to the long-term reduction of breakouts.

Kirwan recommends “fractional laser treatments to [address] acne scarring, blemishes and fine lines,” according to the news source, due to high levels of satisfaction among patients who have opted for the procedure.

Laser acne treatments are among the most sought-after skin rejuvenation techniques in the U.S., according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

No matter their age, many patients have found that getting rid of the uncomfortable and embarrassing skin condition is as simple as looking into laser rejuvenation technology.