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Americans shape up with the help of laser liposuction

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Americans shape up with the help of laser liposuction

Diet and exercise are the go-to methods for slimming down, and many people who choose to undergo laser liposuction as an additional enhancement have been satisfied with the results. This may be why the popularity of the procedure has risen so fast in recent years, with an estimated 500,000 procedures performed in 2005, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

The technique “is a very minimally invasive procedure,” said surgeon Marcia V. Byrd, according to “The laser constricts blood vessels as it works, so virtually no bruising is created. Plus, the cannula inserted into the treatment areas is the size of an 18-gauge needle. That is a thickness equal to two pencil lines drawn next to each other.”

Laser liposuction has helped many Americans achieve their desired body shape. One patient from Long Beach, New York, who ran triathlons, hiked and lifted weights, opted to undergo the procedure in order to further sculpt and enhance her body.

The technology is designed to permanently destroy fat cells and tighten up skin in trouble spots, such as under the chin, according to the Miami Herald. Many patients who are looking for a trimmer body have benefited from the sculpting and shaping capabilities of laser liposuction.