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What’s the Best Acne Treatment? It Depends.

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No two people are alike. That’s why finding the best acne treatment depends a lot on who you are. Your skin type, how oily your skin is, the type of acne that you’re suffering from, your age, acne location and a host of other factors need to be taken into account when you and your physician determine which is the best acne treatment for you. Our focus is on both professional laser acne treatments as well as good at-home care.

Traditional Acne Treatments

For years, physicians had only a limited array of effective acne treatments. These included chemical peels, dermabrasion and prescription oral and topical medications. The introduction of lasers and photodynamic therapy have given physicians new and wonderful options when it comes to delivering the best acne treatment.

One such breakthrough treatment is Isolaz™, which uses Photopneumatics™ to purify oily pores from the inside out. A painless procedure with no downtime, Isolaz™ combines a vacuum that deep cleans each pore by extracting dirt, dead skin cells, whiteheads, blackheads and excess oil. At the same time, a special wavelength laser delivers a flash of light inside the pore to destroy the bacteria that causes acne.

Another great approach is with Sebacia, which is a quick, painless treatment plan that targets not the acne itself but the overactive oil glands that lead to breakouts. Sebacia utilizes gold microparticles that are massaged into the pores where oil is produced, then a specific wavelength of laser light energy heats these particles to target the oil glands and reduce their activity.

These and other laser treatments for acne are important for destroying acne-causing bacteria in the moment, and give faster results when your skincare routine is built around preventing acne from returning.

A Combined Approach

Anyone who experiences acne breakouts knows that a single treatment isn’t enough to rid your skin of acne forever. That’s why at Reflections, we focus on a two-fold approach to keeping your skin clear and smooth with both in-office treatments and at-home care. Our physicians can recommend professional and prescription treatments that are right for your unique skin type to give you both faster and longer-lasting results from skincare treatments.

Why Choose Reflections for the Best Acne Treatment?

The treatment for acne that you’ll get at Reflections is fully customized for you, and our dual approach to treatment gets better results than acne treatments you may find at a med spa or traditional dermatologists because we have many types of laser-based treatments. When a non-physician is handling your treatment, you can’t guarantee they know exactly what they’re doing, which likely means you’re not getting the best acne treatment.

Dermatologists can prescribe at-home acne treatments that are medical-grade, but they rarely have access to the numerous acne laser treatments we have. The best acne treatment is the combination of both professional treatments with laser or photodynamic therapy with a balanced, personalized, and high-quality skincare routine at home.

To learn more about how we personalize and get the best acne results for people in New Jersey, call or contact us online today.