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Beware of Harmful Beds!

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CNN reports that tanning beds increase your risk of developing skin cancer threefold! It’s not just the sun anymore—it’s also the beds, which many people thought were safer than the sun.

Cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists often feel that patients aren’t getting the message about tanning and have begun to focus on the other fallout of tanning—wrinkles. It’s true, tanning with either the sun or tanning beds will increase your wrinkles. If you tan earlier in life, you’ll get more wrinkles even earlier than you would otherwise. Teens who sunbathe are unlikely to worry about sun damage, figuring it’s years away. Unfortunately, that just means the damage will show up earlier, like the mid-twenties instead of the 30’s or 40’s.

Sun-damaged skin is also called photo-aged skin. We treat this using the new Fraxel Re:Store Dual laser. It has a specific wavelength to address sun damage. This FDA-cleared laser produces thousands of tiny columns of treatment zones in your skin just like any other fractionated laser. The difference, however, is the dual wavelengths—the second laser specifically targets unwanted pigment which results in a more even and pleasing skin tone. Spaced 2-4 weeks apart, the needed 3-5 treatments will help collagen rebuild, improving appearance for six months or longer. Take a look at these Fraxel Re:Store Dual laser before/after photos and you’ll see a noticeable difference in skin appearance.