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Body Shaping: New non-invasive technologies will fuel popularity

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The new year will see a new frontier in body shaping. From innovative new uses for ultrasound in fat reduction, to the use of fat-cell cooling, patients now have a number of non-surgical options for body sculpting.

There are a slew of cutting-edge devices on the horizon, all with the ability to bring changes to body and skin, completely non-invasively. Some of these are already surfacing, like the Zeltiq device, which uses cryolipolysis (cooling of the fat cells) to remove fat cells from the body without damaging the skin, muscles or nerves. Zeltiq is currently FDA approved for skin cooling and should soon receive clearance for fat removal.

This and other devices will be made widely available this year and represent a clear indication of where aesthetics is heading. The two things our patients are most concerned with are minimal downtime and getting great results. Devices like Zeltiq will allow us to help them enjoy a meaningful difference in their appearance and get on with their lives quickly.

Jeff Russell, Executive Director of the IAPAM echos this forecast, particularly regarding fat reduction. Jeff envisions that Syneron Velashape will continue to provide “new options for those who have localized fat deposits and are looking for minor re-shaping of their body.”

However, Jeff adds, that for more “effective contouring, the laser-assisted lipolysis machines like Palomar SlimLipo offer the best results. We would all like a ‘zero-invasive’ way to re-shape the body, but the results just aren’t there yet with these completely non-invasive options,” concludes Russell

At Reflections, we feel that technological advancements in fat removal equipment will continue to fuel the popularity of body shaping treatments. From Zeltiq to Zerona to Velashape, these remarkably non-invasive options will re-position body contouring as one of the more popular aesthetic medicine treatments.