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Botox injections are best left to trained professionals, doctors say

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Growing old may seem like a scary thing to many people. In fact, fear of aging has been predominant for thousands of years, as evidenced by the fountain of youth legend that first appeared in the writings of Greek historians like Herodotus. Unfortunately, no magical spring exists to restore youth in those who drink from it, but getting a Botox treatment could be a pretty close second.

The minimally invasive procedure involves the injection of purified neurotoxin into the muscles, which relaxes them. This, in turn, works to improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles and furrows.

The technique has garnered much support from patients over the years due to its safety and effectiveness. Last year, an estimated 4 million treatments were performed in the U.S. Many people said that their results were so natural that their friends and family complimented them on looking younger and more refreshed without being able to pinpoint the reason why.

According to the Daily Mercury, men represent a rapidly growing population of patients who are seeking out the procedure.

“People are very body conscious. There’s a lot of stuff about body image out there which lets people focus on what they can improve,” said health expert Elizabeth McIntosh, quoted by the news source. “[Men] are becoming more conscious of their appearance. They’re now thinking they’d rather not have lines and look 10 years younger.”

She added that Botox treatments are particularly popular because they are simple and quick, and produce long-lasting results.

In order to capitalize on the fame of the product, some companies have come up with do-it-yourself (DIY) Botox kits that are readily available on the internet. Although the low price may seem appealing, doctors are warning consumers to avoid these items, according to American Health and Beauty.

Dermatologist Anthony Youn recently appeared on the Rachael Ray Show to discuss the dangers of such DIY products. He explained that the quality of these kits is not guaranteed and that performing a Botox treatment is not something one can learn in a few minutes. After all, skin care specialists must undergo extensive training in order to administer the injection safely.

Youn concluded that people who want the most effective, risk-free results possible would be much better off going to a trained aesthetician at a medical spa or other appropriate facility. Doing so can help patients feel more confident that they are getting the full benefits of the treatment without opening themselves up to injury or illness.