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“Brotox” gives men the subtle change they need to score a job or date

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Some men who notice a forehead crease creeping in or emerging laugh lines around the mouth may want more of a change than creams and serums can provide, but are hesitant about the expense and exaggerated look of a full-on facelift. For these men, Botox injections appear to be the top choice of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

The Tampa Bay Times recently reported on the trend, which has been dubbed “Brotox.”

“Today’s man is evolving,” said cosmetic surgeon Richard Castellano, M.D., quoted by the news source. Guys are feeling more comfortable with improving their appearance. They aren’t as scared.”

Statistics from the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons reveal that about 300,000 men got Botox injections in 2011, which amounts to a 10 percent increase over the previous year’s numbers. Castellano told the news source that in his practice, the number of male Botox clients has doubled in recent years. In fact, even the surgeon gets the minimally invasive procedure himself.

Apparently, the trend is nothing new in bigger cities, because the New York Times reported on it in 2008. According to the news source, Botox injections can be a way for a man to gain leverage in his career or appear more alert during the day. The latter was the case of Cody Lee, a small business owner in San Francisco, who regularly got inquiries from colleagues about his sleep patterns.

“I think it’s fine having some lines or wrinkles on your face, but I wanted to avoid those deep impressions,” Lee said, quoted by the news source.

Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, has even begun to market the product to men, issuing informational material that features Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz, who is reportedly a Botox devotee.

Key differences between the male Botox user and ladies who get the injections are that men may need higher doses of the drug because they have thicker skin and stronger muscles. Male clients may also see their Botox specialist less often, as they tend to deal with the return of their wrinkles better than most women do.

The New York Times also reported that men are getting Botox injections in their underarms to prevent excessive sweating – which may help them land a date quicker than a smooth forehead.