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Can a cosmetic procedure be a savvy career move?

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Reflections for Botox injections.
Reflections for Botox injections.

People spend years and thousands of dollars on education in order to achieve success in the business world. But studies have shown that attractive people tend to earn more than their average-looking counterparts, so would it make sense that a Botox injection or laser liposuction may boost earning potential? recently featured an article on a woman who underwent several cosmetic procedures and subsequently saw her career rise to an impressive level. The woman spoke anonymously, to retain professionalism in case a colleague or potential employer decided to Google her, about how improving her physical appearance helped her climb the corporate ladder.

The woman said that she sees her cosmetic operations as an investment.

“My recent facelift stemmed from a conversation I had with my CFO about our financial projections. He advised me that in the long run, it’s critical to allocate adequate resources to asset maintenance. I can tell you that he got no argument from me,” she told

The woman theorized that the procedures helped boost her confidence, which is something that employers look for and clients are impressed by. reported on some of the quick fixes that may help a person make a good impression at a job interview.

According to the source, a face that is free of blemishes or acne scars tends to be looked upon favorably by others, suggesting that laser acne treatments may help a person score their dream job. Additionally, spots or discolorations caused by aging – which can be erased by laser skin rejuvenation – may have a subconscious, negative impact on a prospective employer.

Botox injections or fillers to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles may also give a person a leg up in the job market, as these treatments can give the impression of youthfulness, vitality and energy.

Other procedures that recommended were teeth-whitening, LASIK surgery and rhinoplasty. The last option is pretty extreme, so individuals should have several counseling sessions and give considerable thought to the operation before succumbing to the scalpel.

In that same vein, people should be aware that having clear, wrinkle-free skin alone may not land them their dream job. Cosmetic procedures are not a cure-all when it comes to self-esteem and life issues. However, they may be able to give secure, savvy individuals the boost of confidence they need to take the bull by the horns in the job market.