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Can Lipo treat or avoid metabolic syndrome?

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We all know that fat isn’t good for us. Particularly belly fat, which is linked to a high risk of elevated blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as a correlation with type 2 diabetes. Most gastric bypass, LapBand and massive weight-loss patients discover, to their delight, that with the loss of a great deal of weight, they sometimes “reverse” their diabetes and simultaneously lower their BP, cholesterol and triglycerides as well.

Metabolic syndrome is the condition linked to those disease states above, and evidenced by belly fat. Researchers and plastic surgeons are hot on the path of learning whether eliminating belly fat with liposuction can reliably reverse metabolic syndrome and, in particular, whether liposuction can be the tool that brings this about. The studies are many and ongoing: can performing liposuction on a fat tummy improve overall health? If so, will we see the day when liposuction is performed as a medical procedure as it’s now performed as a cosmetic one?

So far, results are mixed. Some studies have shown that liposuction does reverse the negative health problems of metabolic syndrome, while others do not show this result.

A recent report on liposuction’s effects in the professional journal, Modern Medicine, reveals that a study, performed by Dr. R.V. Weber, assistant professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and his fellow researchers, shows that hamsters with metabolic syndrome react favorably to removing belly fat. The problem is, of course, that animal results don’t always correlate to humans.

Removing fat through liposuction certainly can (and does) reshape and resculpt bodies. Increasing self-esteem by means of resculpting the body may psychologically lead to taking better are of oneself and this, indirectly, might decrease disease states related to obesity. Don’t wait for problems with your appearance to make you feel down about yourself! Talk to Dr. Chasin about SlimLipo laser liposuction. It’s an amazing way to resculpt your body!