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Dr. Chasin was interviewed by Dr. Derek Desilva, host of “12 to Your Health” on NJ12 News about a brand new technology, EmSculpt, which is the first technology of its kind. This electromagnetic energy device actually makes muscles stronger and bigger while simultaneously reducing fat (nearly as much as CoolSculpting), without surgery, needles, or downtime!

The video explains exactly how EmSculpt works to contract the muscles over 20,000 per treatment, at a much deeper level than you can through voluntary contractions (i.e. lifting weights or “squeezing” your muscles tight on your own).

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Dr. Chasin sat down with ABC News’ THE NOW to talk about an exciting new technology, EmSculpt, that can actually build bigger, more defined muscles.

The host starts out by asking, “You look at a video like this and you just have to ask, ‘is this thing for real?'” and the answer is YES!

EmSculpt is FDA-Approved for its safety and efficacy — and backed by 7 clinical studies (with more on the way)!

“There’s a brand new machine promising to give us the workout that none of us want to do,” the host continues, “and each session is the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats.”

Dr. Chasin explains, “Basically we’re using electromagnetic energy to turn the cells on in the muscle and create repeated contractions of the abdomen, buttock, and thigh – thus, building muscle.”

The patient says, “it feels as though my muscles are being contracted for me. It’s a different sensation that you kind of grow to get used to over the course of the treatment.”

This is not a replacement for exercise, and your BMI needs to be under 30 in order to qualify for treatment.

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