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“I cheated on you!” – Some hard truths about your Botox doctor

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We’ve recently had quite a few Botox and dermal filler patients come into the office asking for help after having their face messed up by their dentist, gynecologist or another physician desperate enough to turn to Groupon to drum up business.

These consultations usually start out with, “I’m sorry – I cheated on you!”

And we say, “It’s okay, we understand.  Now let’s get you fixed up.”

The truth is, we really do understand.  We get why you’d be tempted to have your Botox done by your dentist.  You’re there, it’s convenient, and he’s a medical professional.

But is he an expert? 

The likely answer is “no.”  He’s not dedicating 100 percent of his professional life to aesthetic medicine.  He’s not performing dozens of injections every day.  He doesn’t attend the leading aesthetic conferences and train other physicians in advanced injection techniques.  He hasn’t built a large and loyal cosmetic following.

But he is a businessman, and dabbling in Botox and dermal fillers after a weekend course is a chance to put a little extra money in his pocket, free from the constraints of insurance billing.  It’s a side business for him, a nice little revenue generator.  His heart isn’t into it, and it really needs to be.

Performing these injectable procedures isn’t like having a barista make you a caramel macchiato; it’s a true craft, one that requires specialization, experience and more than a little artistic ability.   There’s a reason you don’t get your hair done at SuperCuts – just because someone has a license and a pair of scissors doesn’t mean you belong in their chair.

Sorry if all that sounded preachy – I’ll step off the soapbox now.  But you have to understand that these things can make the difference between an excellent, natural looking result and a droopy forehead or a lump of filler under your eye.

Botox and fillers are everywhere right now, and that’s mostly a good thing.  In the right hands, they can produce excellent results at a pretty reasonable price.  But we beg you – please don’t choose your provider simply because they are convenient or they’re running a crazy-good deal on Groupon.  Choose them because they’re experts who deserve to be working on your face.

Your face deserves the best, not what’s the easiest.

And if you do cheat on us, don’t worry – you can always come home.  We’ll be here to make you look awesome, because it’s what we do all day, every day.