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Consumers rate the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedures of 2011

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Reflections for Restylane injections.
Reflections for Restylane injections.

One of the best ways people can get a good idea of whether a cosmetic procedure is worth the time, money and recovery time is by reviewing testimonials of people who have had the minimally invasive techniques. These are typically found on the websites of accredited medical spas and facilities, as well as other resources dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Recently, cosmetic procedure review site RealSelf conducted a survey to determine the most popular procedures of 2011 and how happy patients were with the outcomes of their operations or treatments.

Administrators for the website said derriere enhancements were big last year – no pun intended.

“Anytime we see a big spike in searches at our website for a particular procedure, this points to a dramatic increase in consumer attention. In 2011 lifting and enhancing the butt topped the list, and we foresee this holding strong for 2012 as well,” said Alicia Nakamoto, VP of community for RealSelf. “There are some definite pop culture cues driving this trend – take the royal wedding for example – and where the waif look was once in, women now want to know how to get a fuller backside!”

While Pippa’s posterior certainly drew attention, women still appear to want fuller lips, a slimmer waist and a smooth complexion.

Lip augmentation increased in popularity by about 25 percent, and more than half of the individuals surveyed said the procedure was well worth the cost. There are many options for achieving a fuller pout these days, including Juvederm and Restylane injections.

Also popular were new laser liposuction techniques, which experienced a 28 percent hike in searches. A whopping 75 percent of patients who received the procedure said they were satisfied with their results. Obtaining slimmer thighs or a svelte waistline has never been easier, as new laser liposuction techniques can give patients maximum results with minimal scarring and bruising. The procedures work by liquefying fat before suctioning it out, making the removal of flab easier and less painful than ever before.

Botox injections appear to still be going strong, as searches for the wrinkle-smoother went up by 11 percent, and about 65 percent of patients said it was worth the cost. Botox works by temporarily freezing facial muscles which cause wrinkles, such as laugh lines and forehead creases.