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Dull winter complexion? Try laser skin rejuvenation

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Reflections for laser skin rejuvenation.
Reflections for laser skin rejuvenation.

When the temperatures drop outside and the air becomes devoid of moisture, many men and women notice that their skin tends to look drier and fine lines and wrinkles are more apparent than in the warmer months. Rather than letting the winter winds get the best of your skin, consider the many things you can do to fight Mother Nature.

First, remember to drink plenty of water. This will help combat thirsty skin that results from dry air, help keep cells healthy and organs functioning properly. Additionally, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and sources of omega-3 fatty acids, such as nuts and fish. These nutritious foods are known to brighten the complexion and promote the production of natural oils in the skin.

You may also want to consider switching up your skincare routine. Choose a cleanser that is sulfate-free, as this foaming chemical is sometimes the reason behind dry skin. Instead, look for a milky or gel cleanser that gently cleans your face. Also, many individuals require a heavier moisturizer during the winter than they do in the summer. Try a few different products to see what works best for you, and avoid ones that are heavily fragranced.

Winter is also a great time to try Botox injections or laser skin rejuvenation. This is because you’ll likely be cooped up in the house more than usual anyway, and both procedures require you to avoid the sun for a certain period of time afterward.

Additionally, while Botox injections and laser skin rejuvenation result in little to no downtime following a treatment, they tend to show visible results only weeks or months following a procedure.

The laser skin rejuvenation process begins with the application of short bursts of laser by a professional to the epidermis. Rather than destroying the top layer of skin, this treatment targets the middle layer to stimulate the production of collagen and new cells, resulting in a reduced appearance of fine lines, sun spots and discoloration.

Botox injections have been the tried-and-true method of wrinkle treatments for decades. The treatment involves the administration of a botulinum toxin directly to the site of a crease or line, where it works to relax the underlying muscles and smooth the face.

While these treatments have been shown to be safe and effective, individuals considering minimally invasive cosmetic procedures should seek an experienced, accredited facility or spa, and consult with a healthcare professional before going through with a treatment.