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Dysport Vs. Botox

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Both Dysport and Botox are brands of cosmetic wrinkle reducers that block muscle contractions in order to prevent the formation of dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles or lines caused by repetitive facial movement while other wrinkles and sometimes folds are caused by volume loss and facial aging. While both injectables are sometimes used to treat spasms from neurological disorders and other medical conditions, they’re more widely used as cosmetic wrinkle treatments for the face. Both Dysport and Botox are derived from botulinum wrinkle relaxers, which are safe in small amounts.

Still, these two treatments have their differences, considering injection technique, concentration, and desired results. Keep reading to learn more about the similarities and differences between the two injections and what to look for in an injector.

Botox vs Dysport Which Is Best?

Dr. Chasin’s Take

Dr. Chasin is a highly sought-after cosmetic physician at Reflections Center. In his professional option, he believes that the difference between the two injectables is how you use them. The two brands do have some marginal differences; for instance, how much you each “spreads” after they are injected, when they exactly kick in and how long they last. An experienced injector like Dr. Chasin may even use Botox and Dysport on the same patient for different indications within the same treatment. One of the clearest differences between the two is that Botox tends to stay put once injected and Dysport spreads out, dispersing from the injection site. Dr. Chasin may opt to use both in one session because each patient is unique and certain areas of the face may call for targeted treatments and other areas may benefit from a more “diffused” injection; allowing for a truly custom treatment.

Neuromodulators: The Basics

After treatment, the muscles gradually become relaxed allowing the overlying skin to appear smooth and unwrinkled. Alone, or in combination with other facial rejuvenation procedures, these products can offer a significant improvement in one’s appearance.

Your cosmetic physician will determine where to administer the injections in order to achieve the best cosmetic outcomes. No anesthetic is required, and patients may return to daily activities immediately. Results can be seen as early as three to seven days and the full effect can be expected after two weeks. Results of the treatment generally last around three-four months.

Both products can also be used to improve excessive sweating in the underarms, hands, and feet – a condition known as hyperhidrosis.

Botox & Dysport: The Main Differences

The exact differences between the two lies in the concentration of trace proteins (the active ingredient), which can make one stronger than the other. These neuromodulators are used to reduce or even eliminate the lines across the forehead, between the eyebrows (frown lines), and around the eyes(crow’s feet), by relaxing the muscles responsible for the development of dynamic lines or wrinkles.

Dysport Vs. Botox Units

The success of your results and cost for your treatment truly comes down to who is injecting you, not the brand wrinkle relaxer utilized. The cost of all three injectables is similar if an injector uses the products properly. By properly, we mean that it takes 2.5 units of Dysport to make up 1 unit of Xeomin or Botox. Therefore, the price-per-unit is less expensive for Dysport but you need 2.5 times more Dysport units to achieve the same results of a Botox treatment.

The number of units your doctor will use depends on the area being treated, desired results and your unique anatomy.

Dysport Vs Botox Cost

The cost of Dysport or Botox depends on the area of skin you’re treating, as you might need multiple injections. Some doctors may charge per injection.

At our offices in New Jersey, Botox usually costs $16 per unit and the whole treatment will typically cost around $250 to $600.

Dysport and Botox units are not equal. At Reflections, we have matched up the pricing to make the results from Dysport and Botox consistently priced. Dysport is $6.40 per unit and Botox is $16.00 per unit. However, to get a comparable effect, you’ll need two and a half times the number of Dysport units than you would with Botox units. This makes their total cost for treatment exactly the same at our offices; allowing us to focus on technique and results rather than choosing an injectable for the price.

Dysport Vs. Botox Side Effects

Overall, both Dysport and Botox are considered safe with minimal side effects for suitable candidates. Common but momentary side effects may include tenderness, numbness, and headaches. More moderate and less common side effects include droopy eyelids, sore throat, and muscle spasms.

Dysport vs Botox: Which lasts longer?

While Dysport can start taking effect in just 2-3 days which is faster than Botox taking in effect in 5-7 days; in our experience, both Botox and Dysport tend to last around 3-4 months. Your results can even be extended with regular maintenance.

No Matter the Brand – Choose an Experienced Physician

It’s not so much whether you’re treated using Botox or Dysport, it’s the technique and experience of your injector that really matters. While some people claim that Dysport may kick in a little bit sooner or Botox may last longer, it’s really the technique and how the cosmetic physician use these agents that are responsible for creating beautiful customized results that appear natural. Nothing can replace the experience that is gained after having injected hundreds of thousands of patients over the last few decades as Dr. Chasin has.

At Reflections Center, we believe it is essential to not only the safety of our patients but to the result of their injections, that Botox and Dysport procedures are only be performed by highly skilled cosmetic physicians. This allows us to certify that we’re giving every patient their desired results, based on their anatomy. You will never find a physician’s assistant, nurse or dentist injecting Botox or Dysport or any other injectable cosmetic at Reflections. Consumers should be aware that there are laws that regulate who can and cannot inject these products, but sadly these laws are often neglected for the purpose of making money.

If you’re interested in learning more about the wrinkle treatments available at Reflections, Call either of our locations, in Martinsville (Bridgewater) or Livingston, New Jersey, to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our skilled physician injectors. All of our cosmetic physicians are committed to providing patients with safe and effective treatments that help you to achieve your aesthetic goals.


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