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Even out your skin with laser facial rejuvenation

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Reflections Spa for skin rejuvenation
Reflections Spa for skin rejuvenation

Skin cells produce melanin, a pigment that gives skin its color. According to the National Institutes of Health, when skin produces too much melanin it is called hyperpigmentation. While this condition is usually harmless, it can leave people feeling self-conscious about their skin and uncomfortable with how they look. Luckily, there are treatment options out there, including laser facial rejuvenation.

Daily Glow reports that laser therapy can have a dramatically positive effect on hyperpigmentation disorders, and scientists are working on developing new laser treatments to further improve the look of skin for women who have discoloration stemming from pregnancy, sun exposure, or skin injuries.

Summer is a good time for laser facial rejuvenation

Summer is coming up, and with more time in the sun can come sunburns, which sometimes leave behind areas of hyperpigmentation. recently published an article by one woman who visited her local clinic to recieve laser facial rejuvenation to combat sun spots.

She reported that the treatment only lasted 15 minutes, and the most she felt was a slight prickly sensation in her skin. After a week, most of the side effects of the treatment, such as red marks – and the author’s hyperpigmentation – were gone.

“The marks heal quickly. Only two weeks after treatment, one area is just pink skin and after [two weeks] two have all but disappeared,” wrote Claire Hay for the news source.

She said she “loved the results” and would consider going back for more if she finds herself battling sun spots once again.

New combination light and laser facial rejuvenation treatment

Recently, Skin and Allergy News reported on a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, which found that using a combination of a nonablative, fractional laser and an optimized pulsed light may improve hyperpigmentation in a single treatment.

This approach to facial rejuvenation was also found to improve wrinkles, but not significantly. All of the patients reported that they were satisfied with the results of this treatment, and most even said they were “very satisfied.”

“A single treatment with this combined approach to facial rejuvenation can lead to modest improvement in wrinkles and significant improvement in pigmentation,” said researcher Chung-Yin Stanley Chan, M.D.

The scientists added that while one treatment was successful, multiple sessions may lead to even better results.

People who experience hyperpigmentation may find effective treatment in laser facial rejuvenation techniques, and should talk to their doctor about which may be right for them.