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Understanding Rosacea: History of Treatments

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The power of lasers and topical agents in combating Rosacea and regaining control over redness, one day at a time.

In our video series, Dr. Chasin gives us a look into rosacea treatment for his patients and explains some of the unique research that has changed the course of rosacea treatment in recent years. Learn more about various forms of rosacea and see what you can expect from a rosacea treatment at Reflections Center for Cosmetic Medicine.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea can take on a variety of forms, including redness caused by inflammation and dilated blood vessels that create thin redlines on the skin. Inflammatory rosacea can also result in eye inflammation and painful pus-filled papules while rhinophyma (the most advanced form of rosacea) causes the skin to develop a deep shade of red with painful nodules and the development of an enlarged, bulbous nose in men.

How is Rosacea Treated?

In previous years, women with mild redness and inflammation were not aggressively treated. However, recent studies have linked facial redness and inflammation to breast cancer so recent treatments are much more aggressive. Although the exact reason for the relationship between rosacea and breast cancer is unclear, one possible reason cause is their shared inflammatory effects. Dr. Chasin emphasizes that he wants to bring down the skin’s inflammation and redness as quickly as possible to lower the risk of breast cancer.

What to Expect from Rosacea Treatment

Treatment is two-fold. First, a laser is used to close the blood vessels by using pulses of intense light energy. The VBeam laser is our top choice for laser treatment because it is specially designed to target red blood vessels responsible for flushing. This is a precise laser that will not damage the surrounding skin, making it safe for patients of all skin types and tones. In our video, Dr. Chasin demonstrates the application of this laser and shows how patients remain perfectly comfortable during treatment.

After laser treatment, medications will be prescribed to maintain the results and prevent continuing skin flushing. Additional laser procedures may also be needed for optimal results.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’re bothered by facial redness and inflammation, schedule a consultation today to discuss rosacea treatment in Livingston and Bridgewater, NJ. At Reflections Center, you have the advantage of working with highly skilled physicians who are dedicated to your overall health and wellness. Our physicians also have specialized laser training and can ensure safe, effective treatment that rejuvenates healthy skin and an overall healthy body.

But no matter what brings it on, don’t let it stress you out. If you experience uncomfortable symptoms such as burning, stinging and itching – or are self-conscious about any swelling or flushing – talk to a cosmetic laser specialist. There are many effective treatments for rosacea in existence today, and a qualified professional can help you learn about safe, minimally invasive techniques to improve your skin.

By visiting Reflections Medical Spa, you can learn about laser skin rejuvenation in New Jersey that can help you show your best face to the world.