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Everything’s coming up roses: safe, effective treatments for rosacea

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Being in your 40s and 50s should be an enjoyable time of life. Whether you are watching your children grow up, rising in the ranks of seniority at work or delighting in simple pleasures with family and friends, you should be savoring some well-deserved peace and contentment.

That’s why taking immediate steps to treat your rosacea is a good idea. No one wants the frustration and anxiety that can come with having this skin condition. It is unclear what causes the disorder, although the National Rosacea Society reports that problems with blood flow, inflammation, sun damage or follicle irritation may play a role. Skin bacteria could also be a likely culprit, MD News reports.

But no matter what brings it on, don’t let it stress you out. If you experience uncomfortable symptoms such as burning, stinging and itching – or are self-conscious about any swelling or flushing – talk to a cosmetic laser specialist. There are many effective treatments for rosacea in existence today, and a qualified professional can help you learn about safe, minimally invasive techniques to improve your skin.

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