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Fear not! Botox treatment is safe. (It’s also incredibly effective.)

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There’s more than a little irony in the fact that some people are actually afraid of Botox treatment. Why the irony? Botox treatment is often used to relax the corrugator muscles between the brows, which have only one job: to express fear. A quick treatment can erase the lines and wrinkles these “fear muscles” leave behind (as long as you’re not afraid of Botox!).

And you shouldn’t be afraid of Botox, at least when it’s administered by experts like the doctors at Reflections. In the right hands, a Botox treatment is a safe and powerful tool, one that can banish wrinkles on the forehead, make you look rested and relaxed, and even correct a gummy smile. In all cases, you won’t look frozen or weird – you’ll be expressive and appear more youthful.

The key is picking a physician who spends 100% of their time focused on cosmetic medicine. It might be tempting to say “yes” to the dentist or gynecologist who offers to do a Botox treatment during your office visit, but they simply lack the training needed to get the best and safest results. Trust us – we see the problems they create on a daily basis (once patients realize they need expert help and find Reflections on the Internet).

Of course, you’re reading this, which means you probably understand that a little research can go a long way in getting the cosmetic outcome you’re looking for.

At any rate, it turns out your mother was right when she said, “Keep making that face and it will get stuck that way.” Repetitive muscle motions do indeed leave their mark. Of course, she didn’t know about Botox treatment and how it’s now possible to make that face go away.

Just steer clear of doctors who dabble in Botox treatments and you’ll have nothing to fear.