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For red carpet skin, try Fraxel laser treatment

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Celebrities may be called “stars” for a reason. Every time a red carpet event like the Oscars rolls around, Hollywood’s most beautiful people gather to show off their sparkling jewels and equally dazzling skin. Although diamonds and designer gowns may be hard to come by for mere mortals, achieving a flawless complexion worthy of the silver screen can be done, according to dermatologist Pat Wexler.

In a recent interview with CBS News, she revealed the holy trinity of perfecting one’s skin: getting rid of wrinkles, creating contours and smoothing texture. All of this may be accomplished with a Fraxel laser treatment, a top-of-the-line procedure that has freshened faces across the country.

“The Fraxel makes microscopic little tunnels in the skin and you’re growing new collagen,” Wexler told the news source. “After four or five treatments, you’ve got a whole new surface of the skin, [and] no pigmentation irregularities. The skin has a radiance. It’s got a glow to it. It feels like baby skin.”

So many people dream about splurging on star-worthy bags and shoes. So why not consider acquiring Hollywood-ready skin? By speaking to a local laser skin specialist about techniques such as the Fraxel laser treatment, you could turn that particular dream into a reality.