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Forget About Big Lips – Millennials Are Asking For Tear Trough Fillers Instead

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We’ve been seeing more and more young patients coming in and asking for dermal fillers– these and other injectable options are huge right now for their great results, versatility, and no downtime. Dermal fillers have been a big hit among young adults, fueled in large part by the “bigger is better” lip trend started by Kylie Jenner. But you might be surprised to hear that a large number of Millennials are coming to see us for dermal fillers to plump and smooth their under-eyes. As we age, fat deposits under the eye diminish, leaving us with bagging and sagging under-eye troughs that make us look tired all the time. Sure, concealer can help, but nothing works as well as replacing lost fat volume with either fat transfer or a hyaluronic acid dermal filler. Millennials are right about the age where aging signs are becoming a reality, so it’s natural that effective, prejuvenating treatments are in. So, with Millennials opting for a different type of filler treatment than their younger peers, what’s causing this trend?

Why Tear Trough Fillers?

Although it’s not to say that Millennials don’t opt for lip fillers, they didn’t grow up with the same full-lipped influences as younger generations. It’s been relatively recently that the preference has shifted to full, pouty, nude lips rather than the subtle frosted lips most Millennials grew up around. That being said, many Millennials focus on other areas, and they know tear troughs can go a long way in causing the face to look tired, aged, and darkened. Although tear troughs can sometimes go away by catching a little more sleep, they can also be genetic or the result of aging. This makes them infinitely more difficult to deal with. Although some products can be effective, Millennials often don’t have the budget or inclination for a regimen of high-end products that may or may not help. In this case, a little professional intervention can be the difference between under eyes that pull the face down and ones that brighten it up. And, unlike dermal fillers in other visible areas like the lips and cheeks, tear trough fillers often look natural, subtle, and like a good night’s sleep.

Why Millennials?

Millennials are their own self-deprecating breed. Among other things, they are defined by their relationship to the internet and the cultural changes it brought about by having unchecked access to more information than ever before. This brought about a huge shift in the beauty industry with the rise in ‘Beautubers’ and Instagram influences showing off treatments previously reserved for celebrities and the elite. As a result of this, Millennials know far more about skincare, makeup, and the best professional treatments than any of the generations that came before them. This means the market has been in a prime spot to offer the treatments that Millennials want in the ways they want them. But what brought about this trend? There are quite a few different factors.

Millennials Have Caught The Ambition Bug – And It Shows

Many Millennials finished school and entered the workforce during an economic downturn. As the market has started to turn around and their hard work has started to yield results, many Millennials seem to have caught the career ambition bug. Just look at the number of new media outlets dedicated to career success for Millennials– Levo League, The Muse, Corporette– the list is pretty long. But, burning the candle at both ends with their “work hard, play hard” mentality or by juggling a new family and career has left a lot of Millennials feeling like they look tired. Being tired is one thing– but looking tired, even when you’re well-rested, sends all the wrong signals. And what signals do they want to be sending? That they’ve got their life together (even if they don’t!).

Millennials Know Dermal Fillers Are Temporary – And That’s A Good Thing

Millennials, more than any generation before them, have dipped their toes into the pool of cosmetic treatments (and sooner!). They know more at a younger age and are willing to use what they can to their best advantage, especially when there’s no long-term commitment. Millennials know using dermal fillers gives them the ability to test out their new look and have it reversed if they don’t like it. That’s because hyaluronic acid fillers, which are the only kind used in this part of the face (including Restylane®, Restylane Silk, and Belotero®– the best options for the under-eye), have an antidote of sorts. Hyaluronidase can always be used to remove some or all of these fillers, which is a nice feature for first-timers who aren’t sure they’re ready to commit. With non-committal treatments, Millennials can explore what works for them and what doesn’t before moving on to bigger and better things.

Millennials Want To Look Their Best, Not Different

Normcore has been a defining cultural shift, especially for older Millennials. It’s the go-to look for the majority of the generation, focusing on low-key fashion like jeans and t-shirts. It’s easy, it’s non-attention-grabbing, and in most cases, it’s just dressy enough. So, it’s no wonder that more and more young adults are looking for ways to look their best without looking different. Dermal fillers to fix a little lost volume can provide proverbial jeans and a t-shirt look that says, “we’re put-together but not that put-together.”

Millennials Want An Easier Beauty Routine

Lip stains over lipsticks, BB creams over a moisturizer, foundation, and powder; eyelash extensions over mascara– Millennials’ beauty habits favor an easy, natural look for every day that can easily be vamped up at night. Just take a look at the natural-but-polished ‘Glossier girl’ trend as a reaction to transformative (and time-intensive!) Instaglam looks. For Millennials, it’s all about a little-studied carelessness and nonchalance paired with some simplicity. So, it only seems natural that ditching concealer in favor of a semi-permanent under-eye solution is the next step in perfecting your #IWokeUpLikeThis game.

Millennials Know Plastic Surgery Isn’t The Only Option

Ask any Millennial what they thought about plastic surgery while growing up and they can probably name off some famous names and famously bad results from facelifts and the like. This is because many of today’s most effective non-surgical treatments didn’t exist in time for the previous generation to enjoy them. For the older generations that came before, plastic surgery was for the elite and successful, for better or worse. Although plastic surgery has come a vastly long way, most Millennials know the best way to avoid bad results is to put off the need for plastic surgery by undergoing prejuvenating treatments like lasers, injectables, and the best in skincare products.

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