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Future Fat-Fighting Tool!

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We all knew there was something in the body that would regulate fat (although some of us cannot seem to find that something no matter how hard we try!) but scientists now tell us that RHAMM (receptor for hyaluronan mediated motility) is the protein that regulates fat cells! Who knew?

It appears that by either blocking or deleting RHAMM, we can replace fat cells (yes, sometimes you want to keep the fat…stay tuned) where Father Time has depleted it—like in the face, right? Instead of fillers that need replaced on a regular schedule, fat stays around longer and would never be rejected since it’s “from you.”  Cell biologist Dr. Mina Bissell states that by manipulating the RHAMM, we can decrease visceral fat (the fat around your organs, in the tummy area) and increase fat in other places, like the face. The result could be “a means of providing a non-surgical approach for normalizing skin appearance after reconstructive surgery, for wrinkle reduction, and for face lifts and figure enhancement,” according to Dr. Bissell.

Not only that, but face it (no pun intended) if you could get rid of visceral fat by flipping some kind of inner protein switch, wouldn’t you?

According to oncologist, Dr. Eva Turley, one of the best purposes for RHAMM might actually be as a replacement for facial muscle paralyzing agents like Dysport or Botox. “Unlike neurotoxin agents, which have to be injected periodically, a localized injection of a RHAMM inhibitor should produce long-lasting skin-volumizing effects and would not involve muscle paralysis,” said Dr. Turley, “which means there would be no loss of expression if it were to be injected into the face.”

Obviously, there’s more to do in terms of research here, but we live in exciting times, don’t we? In the meantime, there are a lot of terrific options to restore fullness to the face, diminish the appearance of wrinkles and to even out skin tone while tightening the skin. Call us, we’ll show you how it’s done!