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Getting that “Fabulous Face” Through Technology.

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Gravity, the sun and time all have a way of taking their toll on your face (not to mention the stress that comes with living in New Jersey!).

But what nature may take away, technology can return in the form of laser treatments, ultrasound, dermal fillers, radio frequencies and treatments such as Botox.

Take gravity, for example. When combined with the reduction of collagen as we age, its constant pull can lead to sallow cheeks, jowls and sagging neck.

Ultherapy is an ultrasound procedure that micro focuses sound waves just below the skin surface to stimulate new collagen which, in turn, causes skin tightening and reduces sagging.

Another popular skin tightening procedure in New Jersey is Exilis, a laser that works at the deep layers of the skin to increase metabolic activity and improve the network of collagen. It works particularly well for skin tightening on the jaw line and neck.

Thermage is another skin tightening procedure that also rejuvenates facial skin through the use of radio frequencies that help to tighten skin over time. Thermage works well around the eyes, at the jaw and on the neck.

In all, Reflections Center has more than a dozen different highly advanced procedures for facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, sunspot removal and the treatment of spider veins and redness in our New Jersey centers.

Add it all up, and getting to that “fabulous face” has never been easier, thanks to technology.