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Glee star’s self-esteem boosted with acne treatment

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Reflections for laser acne treatment.
Reflections for laser acne treatment.

The cast of popular the FOX show Glee never fails to look young, bright and fresh, even as many of the cast members are well out of their teenage years. However, for Naya Rivera, who plays the cheerleader Santana in the series, the feeling of having to hide her skin is all too familiar.

Rivera told People Magazine recently that she experienced an acne breakout earlier this year, causing Glee’s makeup department to do special touch-ups on the star and making her self-conscious.

“It sort of just came out of nowhere. It was like adult acne, and I was like, I’ve had great skin my entire life. How am I dealing with this now at 24?” Rivera told the news source. “It was pretty embarrassing going to work every day and having to be on camera and having the makeup artists be like, ‘Oh, what’s going on?'”

The actress said that while she’s been able to clear her complexion using a popular skin care regimen, she still has “scarring issues” to remind her of the breakout.

Rivera and individuals with similar – or more severe – scarring problems may want to consider laser acne treatment, such as fractional laser resurfacing. This advanced technology uses ultra-precise light beams to make microscopic holes in the face that reach past the epidermis. These encourage the skin to heal and build collagen, filling the holes and the acne scars for a smooth complexion.

It’s important to give the procedure plenty of thought and planning, especially if you have a big event coming up. It takes about four days for the skin to heal from the treatment, and optimal results may not be visible for up to six months following laser skin rejuvenation, since it depends largely on the skin’s own healing abilities. It should take just one session to obtain smooth skin, but an evaluation may be necessary following a treatment.

Luckily, people of all skin tones can achieve scar-free skin using acne laser treatment, like the sebacia acne procedure as modern technologies are advanced enough to accommodate a number of complexions. However, individuals with dark skin may want to seek out a specialist or ask a potential healthcare provider about their experience working with people with darker tones.

In any case, it’s important to seek out an experienced, accredited professional to minimize the risk of complications.