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Heidi Klum may soon be looking into laser tattoo removal

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Reflections for laser tattoo removal.
Reflections for laser tattoo removal.

The announcement that model Heidi Klum’s and singer Seal’s marriage was on the rocks sparked audible gasps, as many viewed the famous couple as rock-solid. Now that the 38-year-old Klum has confirmed that a divorce is imminent, Yahoo! wonders whether she’ll consider getting Seal’s name removed from her arm.

It’s true that the ink, located on her right forearm, is done in such creative script that one can barely make out the word. Still, the Project Runway host may be thinking about laser tattoo removal in the relatively near future. That is, if she follows the trend of other heartbroken celebs, such as Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry.

Perhaps less a surprising breakup was the one between tattoo artist Kat Von D and Jesse James, who famously cheated on Sandra Bullock. Even less shocking is that Von D got an inky memento of her former beau, in the form of a portrait of James as a child, located on her ribcage, Yahoo! reported.

An article in the Chicago Tribune recently explored the many reasons behind tattoo removal, which appear to be as varied as the techniques to erase old body art.

Typical catalysts for getting laser tattoo removal include zapping the memories of an old love, forgetting about a rebellious youth or a loss of affection for an old icon, whether it be the Taz, the tasmanian devil, or Marilyn Monroe.

In one case that the Tribune reported on, a young woman seeking a job as a nanny was being gifted laser tattoo removal by her parents, who believed that the peace sign on her wrist may hold her back from getting hired.

“I usually cover it up with a Band-Aid,” said Mollie Linn, quoted by the news source.

Deciding to get a tattoo removed may not be as difficult as choosing what procedure to have it erased with, according to the Tribune. There are a number of methods of laser tattoo removal, and which one is most appropriate may depend on the size, color and age of the body art.

As a result, it’s a good idea to have a thorough consultation with a specialist to determine what laser tattoo removal technique will work best for you. Additionally, be sure to seek out an experienced, accredited professional.