Home Skin Care

Results may vary.*

Maintain and nourish your skin every day

The care you give your skin today will have a lot to do with what you look like years from now. Leading-edge treatment technologies used by the physicians and aestheticians of Reflections will restore the youthful look of your skin, but the care you provide at home is critical to maintaining these results.

The best approach to home skin care involves proper cleansing of the skin, daily sunblock, avoiding adverse environmental influences, and the use of anti-aging topical products. We believe in simplifying topical skin care regimens, and only offer products that have been scientifically proven to work.

The skin care products created by Reflections, Essentials M.D., have been formulated for their scientifically proven results and highest standards of quality. The skin care devices that we recommend are more effective than those sold at retail and get noticeable results. We also provide access to prescription-strength topical and oral medications for our patients with certain skin conditions.

Protect your investment with the best in home skin care.

And for our patients who long for longer, thicker, darker lashes, we now offer Latisse, a prescription only topical solution proven to enhance your natural lashes.

Our exclusive skin care products

Essentials M.D. is our comprehensive line of prescription only skin care products created exclusively for Reflections. We have assembled best-in-class skin care solutions designed to treat specific conditions and achieve specific results. Essentials M.D. features several unique lines of skin care products, each with a specific purpose, to replenish, nourish, uncover, clear, repair, or luminate your skin.

These product lines are used alone or in combination as customized home skin care regimens for our patients. After a comprehensive skin evaluation, we’ll design a plan to keep your skin looking its very best. We also offer select products from commercially available skin care lines as well.

Skin care devices

Clarisonic MD, provided exclusively by physicians, offers enhanced cleansing of the face and body. Clarisonic MD is higher quality than the standard Clarisonic available online and at retail stores.

PaloVia is skin renewing at home laser developed to address fine lines and wrinkles. FDA approved, PaloVia is a great addition to a comprehensive skin care management system. Unlike lotions and creams that promise wrinkle reduction results, PaloVia works below the surface where wrinkles actually form.

Over the course of one month of daily treatments with PaloVia your skin will be renewed with fresh collagen and elastin actually reducing wrinkles and giving your skin a more youthful, radiant appearance.


As we age, lashes can grow thinner, lighter and shorter. And many people struggle with hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough lashes).

That’s why we are happy to offers Latisse, a prescription only, safe, low maintenance alternative to false lashes. The only FDA approved treatment for growing eyelashes, Latisse causes lashes to grow longer, thicker, and darker.*

Keep looking your best

Treatments at Reflections will help restore your skin’s natural beauty. Top quality home skin care will ensure that you continue to look your very best.


* Individual results may vary. Our physicians would be happy to discuss what results you can expect from specific treatments, and what treatments will be best for your cosmetic goals. Simply call 973-740-2444 to schedule your consultation today!