Question: My jowls are dropping along with my other facial features.  ARRGH! Can you suggest some skin tightening techniques that don’t require going under the knife?


There are several options for non surgical skin tightening today and these are wonderfully effective if they are used for a good candidate for the procedure.

Some patients who complain of sagging skin are better first treated with fillers to replace lost volume in the face which either causes or aggravates the looseness of the skin. Examples of agents that replace precious volume in the skin include Radiesse and Sculptra.

As far as tightening procedures, the two most effective treatments today include Thermage (if no downtime is required) and Fraxel Repair laser, if a period of downtime is ok. Thermage is a tolerated quite well, takes about an hour to perform and has a very low rate of any complications. Unfortunately it takes several months to see the full effect of the treatment.

Fraxel Repair laser is the most effective technology at tightening the skin and can be used on the face, eyelids and neck too. With this treatment, one will notice decreased wrinkles, improvement in skin tone and texture. The tightening effect is noticed early and improves with time. Side effect profile with Fraxel Repair is great.

I have been less impressed with the results of Titan.

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