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How Earlobe Fillers Can Boost Your Accessory Game

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If you don’t think much about your earlobes, it might surprise you to learn they’re at the center of one of the latest trends in the beauty community. The earlobes are one area that you likely don’t pay much attention to unless they’re visibly stretched or thin. This is usually the result of wearing heavy earrings over a lifetime. And, since oversized accessories and casual updos are as in-style as ever, it’s normal to feel like your earlobes aren’t what you hope they could be. Although minimally-invasive surgeries can correct sagging or large earlobes, fillers are one of the best options to plump deflated earlobes without downtime or incisions. There are a lot of benefits to this new trend, so here’s what to know about it.

Why earlobes?

This is usually the first question patients have about this new treatment option. If your earlobes aren’t a point of concern for you, then it’s likely that this treatment won’t have much bearing on your day-to-day life. However, some patients find they dislike the way their earlobes look and feel. Although earlobe fillers have been around for longer than you might think, more attention is being given to ears in the last few years (in part because of earlobe repair surgeries as a result of the gauge trend) as well as accessory choices that can make a big statement. The fact is that earlobes can have a substantial effect on your overall look, even if you don’t give them much thought. As our filler techniques and ideas for effective rejuvenation evolve, it’s inevitable that areas like the earlobes become a point of focus.

What are the benefits of earlobe filler treatments?

Over time, the earlobes can become thin and stretched— and the biggest contributor to this is heavy earrings. Over time, heavy and dramatic earrings can begin to stretch and flatten the earlobes, causing them to lose their youthful volume and support as well as revealing visibly-elongated piercing holes. In this case, even small studs can begin to point downwards and become less visible. Like the hands, the earlobes are one area that isn’t often given much attention when it comes to anti-aging treatments and at-home care. Most patients simply want to make sure the appearance of their earlobes matches how young they look and feel.

Earlobe fillers aren’t just for patients with signs of aging, though. With the rise of the prejuvenation trend, earlobe fillers can provide some extra support for younger patients prone to trendy, oversized earrings. Finally, some patients simply don’t like their natural earlobes if they are thin and flat. Fillers can give a little youthful volume to them, regardless of whether you wear earrings or not.

What kind of fillers are used?

Dermal fillers are an extremely versatile type of treatment which can do wonderful things in the right hands. We offer a wide selection of dermal filler options that our cosmetic physicians can use to produce excellent, customized results. However, hyaluronic acid fillers are some of the best options when it comes to earlobe rejuvenation. This type of filler usually includes families like Restylane® or Juvéderm® which have specific formulations for each area or level of rejuvenation. Hyaluronic acid is perfectly safe to inject when performed by an experienced cosmetic physician— it’s naturally found in the skin and is responsible for keeping it moisturized and supple. Both filler families use unique cross-linking methods to keep the molecules robust and prevent breakdown over time. This means you can expect long-term, natural-looking results with earlobe fillers, especially since the earlobes don’t move and express like other areas of the face might (this can cause product to break down faster in mobile areas like the lips). Some patients see results for around one year before returning for a touch-up, depending on the type of filler.

Does it hurt?

Like having your ears pierced, everyone has a different level of tolerance when it comes to the injection process. However, many patients report not feeling much at all, especially since the injection step can only take a few moments. We can supply a topical numbing cream if needed, but most patients can tolerate a quick and easy session.

How much do earlobe fillers cost?

Our dermal filler treatments are priced according to a full syringe of product, which can begin at $650 for Restylane or Juvéderm products. Most patients find great results with Juvéderm’s Voluma®, which comes at $850 per syringe. Some alternatives include Restylane’s Defyne™ or Lyft™, depending on your goals. However, for earlobe filler treatments, only a tiny amount of product is needed. Although some patients come specifically for ear filler treatment, it can be a valuable add-on to your lip filler treatment, for example, if you have leftover product. Or, if earlobes are your main concern, you can place leftover product elsewhere. Popular options are the lips, smile lines, or even hands. These filler options have a history of effective, natural-looking results, so our cosmetic physicians can recommend your options for getting the best out of your dermal filler treatment.

What about earlobe surgery?

It’s important to consult with a cosmetic physician who can assess whether you might benefit more from surgical intervention. There are a surprising amount of surgeries focusing on the ears that exist, some of which focus specifically on the earlobes. The first reduces the size of the earlobes if they are large and deflated. This can be achieved a couple ways, mainly by removing excess skin, and can result in smaller, more subtle earlobes. The second option can repair earlobes that have torn as a result of sagging and heavy earring use. This usually involves reducing sagging skin and suturing the earlobe back together. In many cases, both of these options can be performed at the same time. These surgical options are, however, recommended in more severe cases. Many patients find great results with dermal filler treatments which require no incisions or downtime.

What can I do at home?

Although earlobe fillers can be a valuable way to address stretching and deflation, there are some other steps you can take. The primary step is avoiding heavy earrings, or at least wearing them sparingly (and if this cramps your style, then consider fillers to help get the most out of your ears in the years to come). Secondly, don’t neglect your earlobes when it comes to your skincare regimen. Although creams and serums can’t fix sagging that is the result of years of heavy earring wear, they can help prevent stretching over time. Additionally, things like sunscreen and hyaluronic acid can help keep the skin of your earlobes healthy and youthful, adding to its ability to support earrings over time. With the help of fillers and some easy adjustments to your at-home care, you can enjoy your results for the long-term.

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For patients who are self-conscious about their earlobes, it can feel like there are few options. Although it can feel like not much attention is paid to the ears, there are more and more options available to help boost your accessory wear and your confidence in your earrings. To get started on discussing your options for non-surgical ear rejuvenation, contact our Martinsville and Livingston offices by calling or filling out our online form. Our expert patient coordinators can help you set up a consultation with our cosmetic physicians to find the best earlobe filler treatments for you.