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Is laser liposuction right for you?

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Reflections for laser liposuction.
Reflections for laser liposuction.

People who want to lose weight may daydream about laser liposuction as a way to slim down without having to make much effort. However, while the procedure may give beautiful, long-lasting results for some individuals, others are better off seeking other options. The success of laser liposuction depends on the area that you wish to minimize, the condition of your skin and your overall health.

First, it’s important to know that laser liposuction is not a substitute for diet and exercise. The ideal candidate is near his or her ideal weight, but has a problem area or two that will not respond to sit-ups or calorie-cutting. Individuals who are carrying a lot of excess body fat may want to first try traditional methods of weight loss before considering cosmetic procedures.

Additionally, a responsible healthcare provider will want to know details about your medical history to make sure you are not at an increased risk of complications, and that you are likely to have a successful outcome from the procedure. It’s important to be honest with your physician, and be wary of professionals who do not inquire about any past operations or conditions, which may have an effect on how your body responds to cosmetic treatments.

Next, you should to consider the area that you want to be slimmed down. Women commonly get liposuction on their hips, thighs, waist, abdomen, back, arms, neck and face. In men, the most popular sites to have fat removed are the flanks, abdomen, chest, neck and face.

Individuals often see great results from laser liposuction done on the upper arms, hips, flanks and the sides of the thighs. People may want to inquire with their healthcare provider about possible issues stemming from lipo of the rear thigh, buttocks, forearms or calves, because while they are sometimes treated with the procedure, these are not ideal areas for everyone.

If you have loose skin, which is often the result of significant weight loss, you may want to consider another procedure, such as body contouring or a tummy tuck. Suctioning fat may only lead to more loose skin, so ideal candidates for laser liposuction have skin that is elastic enough to retract after a procedure.

Lastly, know that while lipo may effectively get rid of a problem area, you’ll still need to keep up a healthy diet and exercise routine after the procedure in order to maintain results and stay in good overall physical condition.