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Is that Rosacea or are you embarrassed to see me?

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Because our culture admires a rosy blush to the cheeks, rosacea, a chronic inflammatory condition of the skin, can exist unnoticed while it creates more damage to the skin.  Dry, bumpy and rough skin with red blotches can escalate to an acne-like appearance, resulting in permanent scarring.

Rosacea tends to run in families, so if either or both of your parents or siblings had or has rosacea, you’re more likely to get it. Although it can occur at any age, rosacea is more likely to become apparent after the age of 40, and is exacerbated by stress, spicy foods, alcohol and heat.

Rosacea can be improved with a series of intense pulsed light treatments, called IPL, which reduce the redness of rosacea while repairing the deeper layers of the skin. Check out our rosacea photos. Creams or gels containing the product, metronidazole, available by prescription, can also help.