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Isolaz: Could it be the breakthrough acne laser treatment for you?

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Isolaz is a revolutionary treatment that combines a vacuuming action with a laser to unclog pores while also purifying them from the inside out. The process is called photopneumatics™ and it is often effective where all other acne laser treatment options have failed.

The good news is that clinical trials have shown that Isolaz can begin to show improvement in as little as one or two days. Because Isolaz acne laser treatment unclogs and purifies pores and kills bacteria, it allows topical medications and moisturizers to enter the skin for better results.

Patients often report that the overall condition of their skin isimproved, and that it looks more radiant. Once patients have recovered from acne, the often use Isolaz to maintain their skin.

Isolaz is painless and is the only device cleared by the FDA to treat white heads, black heads, pustular, and cystic acne. We recommend four initial Isolaz treatments for most patients, which take place two weeks apart. After that, two additional procedures take place one month apart.

Often times patients benefit from Smooth beam and fractional laser procedures at the same time for smoother, more revitalized skin.