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Laser Lipo Comes out on Top in 25-year study

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Long term studies are always interesting because they typically offer a lot of data and can show how trends change over time.  In a 25-year study of 26,000 liposuction procedures, 82% of patients reported satisfaction with the outcome of their procedures. The study was performed by four Cali, Columbia, plastic surgeons to determine if the new technologies and instruments used in liposuction have contributed to a higher level of satisfaction.

Although satisfaction rates over time have remained approximately the same, the study’s authors did find that the traditional tumescent liposuction method carries an increased risk of post-surgical seromas (mass or swelling caused by accumulated fluid) when compared with laser liposuction.  They also determined that ultrasonic assisted liposuction (or UAL) had a significantly higher instance of side effects than other techniques, which led the study authors to abandon that procedure in the study.

At Reflections, we find many of our patients prefer laser liposuction to traditional tumescent liposuction because there is typically far less downtime and bruising associated with laser liposuction.  They can get back to their busy lives more quickly after the procedure, which is an important consideration to many of our patients.  The Columbian study didn’t take these lifestyle factors into account but, if they had, we feel their findings would echo what we’ve seen here.

The study found that the safety of liposuction procedures (both traditional tumescent liposuction and laser-assisted liposuction) have continued to improve over time, reducing the risks of side-effects while still delivering the very satisfying aesthetic results that you see in our liposuction photos.

Looks like things are headed in the right direction.