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Medical group debunks myths about cosmetic procedures

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Reflections for laser liposuction.
Reflections for laser liposuction.

Myths regarding cosmetic procedures, even those that are minimally invasive, can give people the wrong impression of why men and women get them and the types of people who go under the knife, needle or laser. These misconceptions sometimes make cosmetic procedures seem unattainable and frivolous. However, making improvements to one’s face or body is not a luxury reserved for the famous or wealthy.

The Harley Medical Group in the UK recently conducted research to identify and debunk the myths surrounding cosmetic procedures.

“Patients who are looking into surgical options have lots of questions about their procedure and it is important that they are properly informed,” said Lisa Littlehales, a lead nurse at the medical group. “We decided to do the survey as people often people have assumptions about cosmetic surgery, which in reality are completely untrue.”

First, the percentage of patients who get procedures as a result of vanity or compulsiveness is very low. The survey found that 95 percent of individuals who visited the medical center had considered their procedure for several years, and that 85 percent of respondents said they were getting an operation, injection or laser treatment to boost their confidence levels. On average, people think over getting a cosmetic procedure for two to three years.

Additionally, the treatments are not reserved for socialites, models and starlets. An estimated 45 percent of women who go in for a procedure are mothers who want to strengthen their confidence by correcting some of the effects that pregnancy had on their bodies. Additionally, the medical center reported that they’ve seen a 17 percent rise over the past five years in the number of people older than 65 who get cosmetic treatments or operations.

Individuals who think liposuction is an alternative to diet and exercise may want to think again. The procedure is best suited for people who have made these lifestyle changes but still have stubborn areas that will not slim down. For these individuals, treatments like laser liposuction may be the best option, since they leave minimal scarring and don’t require the patients to spend long periods of time in compression garments, as was the case with older procedures.

People who are interested in cosmetic procedures but are hesitant for whatever reason should seek out an accredited, experienced facility and meet with a healthcare provider for a consultation. These professionals are educated to provide the most accurate information to potential patients.