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Mesotherapy: Not Just for Cellulite

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Mesotherapy is a commonly known treatment for the appearance of cellulite. Developed in France over 50 years ago, Mesotherapy involves the injection of very small amounts of naturally occurring substances, minerals and pharmaceutical agents into the top layers of the skin. The most recent use for Mesotherapy, however, is to treat hair loss.

The same solution that is injected into cellulite problem areas is also injected into the scalp to stimulate hair follicles. The composition of the Mesotherapy injection is determined by testing the patient to see what nutrients the hair lacks. The treatment is fairly painless for patients who can tolerate needles.

While Mesotherapy will not work miracles, it can generate thicker and more voluminous hair. Since Mesotherapy is treating hair loss caused by the lack of vitamins and minerals, balding caused by other issues may not see any improvement. Some causes of hair loss can include stress, increased hormone levels with pregnancy, use of prescriptions, and unhealthy eating.

Other treatments to hair loss include hair transplant surgery, use of healing shampoos to treat broken or damaged hair, and vitamin supplements.