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Mini Lift, Big Results

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Weekend lift. S-lift. Partial lift. Lifestyle lift. Mini lift. More and more names keep popping up as the popularity of the mini facelift grows. This procedure is now one of the most common facial surgeries performed today. Why is the mini lift gaining such momentum? It probably has something to do with the procedure time, recovery time, and results!

Mini Facelift

Procedure time: The mini facelift is a one visit procedure that can generally be done in 2 to 4 hours. The lift entails two small incisions around each ear, followed by skin removal, tightening, and repositioning, all of which is customized based on your needs.

Recovery time: While all patients recover at different speeds, the average mini facelift patient is back at work within a week. Because the muscle layer isn’t cut, the recovery is much easier and less intense than a full facelift surgery. The best part is that after the surgery, you can go home the very same day.

Results: A mini facelift is the perfect procedure for someone who wants to diminish the visible signs of aging and doesn’t yet have muscle sagging or severe sagging overall. Things like sagging jowls, a drooping chin and lines around your mouth can all be reduced while restoring definition to your jawline.

If you’re looking for a simple way to turn back the clock on your face, exploring your mini lift options might be the place to start!

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