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Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures do more than target wrinkles

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Reflections for Restylane injections.
Reflections for Restylane injections.

When looking in the mirror, you may blame an exaggerated forehead crease or crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes for revealing your age. However, obtaining a younger looking appearance entails more than reducing the severity of wrinkles, and it may involve something that you fought in your younger years.

In your 20s, you might have lamented a little bit of roundness in your face or chubby cheeks. But now that you’re older, that volume is gone and it may be the reason why wrinkles are forming and skin is sagging.

“As much as lines and wrinkles make us look older, we’re learning that volume loss is just as critical,” said California dermatologist Jenny Kim, M.D. “Because of that, we’re looking at the aging process a little differently now and understanding the importance of replacing volume loss in the face and to restore the fullness of a more youthful appearance.”

While you may not have guessed that a loss of volume was to blame for an aging face, it’s something that cosmetic surgeons have known for years. As such, there are a number of minimally invasive procedures to restore a plump look, such as Restylane injections or laser skin rejuvenation.

“Many fillers for the aging face are now designed to create a fuller, more youthful appearance, instead of targeting only wrinkles or fine lines,” said Kim. “In addition, facial rejuvenation with lasers is now more targeted, resulting in quicker results and less downtime.”

The dermatologist noted that once a person reaches 40, they naturally begin to lose the fat and collagen in their face. This can lead to shadowing or darkening of areas that have already begun to show the signs of aging. Fillers, such as Restylane injections, can help restore fullness to the cheeks.

Additionally, laser skin rejuvenation can play a significant part in smoothing the epidermis, which may make it look fuller and more vibrant.

When used in conjunction with a healthy skin care routine, these minimally invasive cosmetic procedures may result in a fresh, youthful look, as opposed to the frozen or stretched appearance that sometimes resulted from traditional, invasive facelifts.

Even though these new treatments are able to take a few years off a patient’s face with minimal risks or side effects, individuals should still be sure to do their homework when choosing a medical spa or healthcare provider.