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Never had a Botox treatment? Here’s what to expect.

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Botox treatment has been around for more than 25 years. Today, it is the most common cosmetic procedure performed and it has successfully removed lines and wrinkles in millions of patients over the years with unprecedented levels of safety. Nevertheless, you are still the only one that can determine if Botox is right for you.

At Reflections, here is what a typical Botox treatment entails. First, you will talk to one of our experienced physicians about what your goals are for your Botox treatment and about any concerns you may have. All Reflections physicians have many years of experience injecting Botox NJ and they can easily answer all your questions and come up with a Botox treatment plan that is right for you.

If you are planning a Botox treatment, you doctor will ask you to suspend taking any anti-inflammatory medicines or aspirin for one week before your appointment. It is also best to avoid alcohol during the week before the treatment. These things are done to reduce the rare chance of bruising in the treated area.

Botox treatment only takes a few minutes. There is no anaesthesia required. The physician uses a very fine needle to inject Botox NJ into specific muscles just under the skin. There is little to no discomfort during the process. After the injections are done, you’re free to go about your day. It usually takes a few days to see the complete results, which can last from two to six months, with three to four months being the average.

Everyone reacts a little differently to Botox. If you’ve never had Botox before, we’ll usually be conservative during your first treatment session, and have you come back in one week to see if additional Botox is required. This way you get a great, natural looking result without being “overdone” and looking like a Real Housewife. Once we know how you react to Botox, we’ll have your treatment perfectly dialled in for future visits.