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Chest & Décolletage

Your chest and décolletage deserve as much attention and care as your face because this delicate area of skin is prone to similar signs of aging.

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Why does our chest skin look so bad? Throughout history, we’ve never shown as much cleavage as we do today, even for men, who are shirtless at the beach or during the summer. Because of this, we’ve never had this much sun exposure in generations past, so our chests are experiencing much more sun damage than ever before. While we’ve become pretty good about sun protection for our faces, we often forget the rest of our body, and the delicate skin on our chest just doesn’t do well with too much sun exposure. There’s also the impact of side-sleeping, especially for women, which cases lines to form between the breasts.

For both men and women, the chest and collarbones, or décolletage, is an area that accumulates sun damage much faster than other areas of our bodies. For women, there is added damage to the skin from side sleeping which often leads to lines and wrinkles between the breasts. Luckily, we have many non-surgical treatments that can rejuvenate the skin in this area for patients of all skin tones and types.

Top Asked Questions About Chest & Décolletage

  • How do you get rid of deep wrinkles on the décolletage area?
    Deep wrinkles between the breasts are almost always primarily caused by a combination of side sleeping or push-up bras and sun damage. You can treat deep wrinkles in this area by filling in the wrinkle with fillers and stimulating collagen production in the skin (this can be with microneedling, lasers, concentrated platelet therapy, and a host of other options). In order to have a result that lasts longer than maybe 6-12 months, you'll need to do maintenance treatments of some kind and also modify the behaviors that are causing the issue - sun exposure and repetitive motions causing the wrinkles.
  • How do you rejuvenate décolletage?
    Rejuvenating the décolletage primarily consists of filling in wrinkles and resurfacing the skin to remove sun damage and improve skin quality. Modifying "bad habits" like side sleeping and push-up bras that create a fold between the breasts and not wearing sun screen or applying proper skincare to support the skin in this area are all things that can help slow down the progression of aging and increase the longevity of any cosmetic treatment's results.
  • How do you protect your chest skin from damage and keep it young?
    Avoid sun exposure, smoking, side-sleeping, and other environmental damage. Treat your chest and cleavage the way you do your neck - using your skincare products to help exfoliate, moisturize, treat, and protect that skin.
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What Causes the Chest & Décolletage to Look Older?

Sun Damage

Sun damage is the biggest culprit in why our chests look older as we age and it is responsible for over 80% of all visible aging. The chest faces up at the sun and we’re less careful about protecting it, and that leads to sun damage on the décolletage, collarbones, and chest.

The best way to remove sun damage, both the dark spots and the rough, crepey skin texture it causes, is to use lasers to specifically target and remove the sun-damaged cells from your skin. When it comes to these lasers, your skin tone and genetic heritage do matter so it’s important to confirm your laser selection with a physician who will take a full medical history and perform a skin typing assessment using the Fitzpatrick Skin Typing Test (which is the standard test used to determine how your skin reacts to sunlight and is used for laser safety).

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Sleeping Position

When it comes to wrinkles and fine lines between the breasts, it’s important to know that no treatment can outperform 8-10 hours of wrinkling compression every night. Side-sleepers are prone to chest wrinkles, especially women whose breasts become compressed while they sleep. If you cannot sleep on your back, consider a wrinkle-protection silicon patch. These are self-adhesive patches, often containing a hyaluronic acid serum or some moisturizer, that are smoothed across the skin to keep the area from wrinkling while you sleep. They do work when used consistently as maintenance after treatment to smooth out the wrinkles.

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When gynecomastia is truly just fat, which is fairly rare, we can treat this condition with fat removal and skin tightening treatments. In this case, Smartlipo with its Triplex Skin Tightening is usually the treatment of choice. We are happy to see you for a consultation and we have successfully treated some men whose condition was just excess fat (pseudogynecomastia). However, we do suggest you first meet with your primary care physician to discuss any underlying hormonal issues or other potential medical causes – as any treatment would only be successful in the long term if you had first resolved the underlying cause. We have a page that delves much deeper into this topic and the potential treatments.

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Our Favorite Treatments For Chest & Décolletage

  • Wrinkles & Fine Lines Between the Breasts
  • In terms of treatments for wrinkles between the breasts, we find these options consistently produce the best results:

    Ultherapy, Sofwave, or Thermage: Non-Surgical Skin Tightening & Firming Through Collagen Stimulation

    Ultherapy, which stimulates new collagen, helps remove some of the damaged skin cells, and firms and tightens the skin in this area, improving fine lines and wrinkles. You can create similar effects with Thermage or Sofwave. There is absolutely no downtime with any of these treatments and they don’t require much maintenance. Results gradually appear over 3-6 months. You can expect subtle results that are so natural, that no one will know you had a cosmetic procedure. This blog covers Ultherapy for the chest in more detail.

    Filler Injected Into Wrinkles

    Filler injected into the individual chest wrinkles (Silk, Belotero, or Restylane work well) or a biostimulatory filler (Sculptra or Radiesse) that diffuses across the entire chest will stimulate the growth of new collagen and firm the skin. Alternatively, we can use a laser treatment instead of a biostimulatory filler or in combination with it. This treatment works incredibly well, and the results are immediately visible from day 1, with improvement over 3-6 months. However, this treatment doesn’t help to remove any sun damage, and it does require regular maintenance, usually a yearly touch-up for fillers. Luckily, this is one of the cheaper options available for your skin rejuvenation.

    Laser with a Collagen Induction Filler Booster

    Laser treatment with a biostimulatory filler rubbed into the newly formed channels in the skin is another way to dramatically resurface the skin. This is one of the most successful treatments for those who have many small, fine lines. This treatment has little downtime, with redness lasting about one week, and is middle-of-the-road for cost. The results are phenomenal and do not require maintenance as long as you avoid sun exposure and try not to sleep on your side.

  • Removing Brown & Red Discoloration
  • Fraxel Dual Restore Laser

    For skin types 1-3, Fraxel Dual Restore is the laser of choice for sun damage removal of all kinds. It does an amazing job at quickly and safely removing dark spots, fine lines, uneven texture, and more. Most patients will need just 1-2 of these laser treatments for chest rejuvenation. Fraxel treatment can be paired with concentrated platelets, exosomes, or biostimulatory fillers to boost results (and speed healing time in the case of concentrated platelet therapy). When any of these are added on, patients often only need a single treatment session to see the results they desire.

    Q-Switched Yag, Ruby Lasers, or PiQo4

    For skin types 4-6, either the Q-Switched Yag Laser, Q-Switched Ruby Laser, or PiQo4 Laser can be used to safely and effectively remove both dark spots and sun damage that’s resulted in poor skin quality leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and rough texture.

    Vbeam Laser

    For redness – including both red spots and broken capillaries – the Vbeam laser works well for all skin types and can make incredible transformations within a very affordable budget. Many patients will find that the sun leaves behind both brown and red discoloration, like the patient shown, and the Vbeam will improve this hyperpigmentation.

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    Why Choose Reflections For Chest & Décolletage Treatment

    We are New Jersey’s Top Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery Group, and we’ve earned that title by offering all of the very best treatments, provided by physicians with years of experience. Their level of experience and care is why we get such consistently great results.

    Treating the chest and décolletage is not something your average medspa is doing much of but we have taken the time to research the best technologies and treatments for your best care. We have dozens of lasers and technologies we use for the chest, not to mention all of the biostimulators (collagen induction treatments), fillers, and regenerative aesthetic treatments we offer.

    When it comes to rejuvenation for your chest, you want to find the best doctor near you who can help you achieve the results you desire, in a way that suits your lifestyle & needs – maybe that’s something without downtime so you don’t have to take off work, or perhaps it’s the most economical option or the lowest maintenance one. Our doctors will help you find the perfect treatment to fit your lifestyle and cosmetic needs.

    Start with a Free Consultation with One of Our Doctors

    We believe everyone deserves the information they need in order to make an informed decision about their cosmetic care and that’s just what we offer during your free consultation with one of our physicians.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Chest & Décolleté Rejuvenation

    • How do you get rid of aging on your chest?

      Lasers are the best option for erasing sun damage and widespread visible aging (texture changes, pigment changes, etc.). For individual wrinkles, fillers work best to smooth them out.

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