Eliminate your double chin and tighten loose neck skin with CoolMini by CoolSculpting!

CoolSculpting’s unique fat-freezing technology has taken the cosmetic industry by storm. It’s the world’s most popular nonsurgical fat removal procedure because of its proven ability to create dramatic results, without downtime or invasive procedures. Now CoolMini provides the perfect treatment for smaller areas, like the chin and neck, armpit fat, knees, and arms.

“Had a great experience, staff was friendly and I didn’t have to wait. The technician for CoolSculpting was wonderful…explained everything, very accommodating and kind.”

– Lori M. via Smile Reminder

What is The CoolMini?

CoolMini is part of CoolSculpting 2.0 – a new and improved set of CoolSculpting applications that offer:

  • Better results
  • Quicker treatments
  • More comfortable treatments with fewer risks
  • Skin tightening in addition to fat reduction

CoolMini is the smallest handpiece in this new arsenal of CoolSculpting treatments. Finding the perfect handpiece to fit your treatment area is the key to a great result with CoolSculpting. CoolMini works best for small, curved areas, including the chin and neck, armpit fat, knees, and arms.

To learn more about CoolSculpting for other parts of the body, please visit our CoolSculpting page.


How Does The CoolMini Work?

The CoolMini works by freezing troublesome fat cells. Fat is very sensitive to low temperatures which allows it to be easily manipulated through this fat reduction technique. These fat cells will then crystallize, breakaway, and be expelled from the body through a natural elimination process. This will continue to happen over a span of about three months. This treatment is non-invasive and very effective for those who are looking to avoid surgical procedures, such as neck liposuction.

Treatment Areas

The CoolMini is specifically designed to remove stubborn fat from under the chin and neck, armpit fat, knees, and arms. However, CoolSculpting, in general, can be used on multiple regions of the body. If you are looking to treat additional problem area, you can discuss this with your physician during the consultation. There are a variety of applicators that allow this device to remove excess fat on many different areas, such as the abdomen, arms, and thighs.

Ideal Candidates

Good candidates for the CoolMini treatment are men and women who have excess fat in small, pinchable rolls. Those with larger pockets of fat may be better-suited to a different style of CoolSculpting, SculpSure, or injectable Kybella. We will discuss the best fit for you during your free consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic physicians.

If you have a large amount of excess fat or skin that is very loose, other option may be better suited to provide you with your desired results. Laser liposuction done in office using local anesthesia or even a neck lift may be the better options for you. During the consultation, your physician can evaluate your situation and make the best procedure recommendations to help you achieve your desired aesthetic.

About The Treatment

Treatment Process

The CoolMini treatment is quick, simple, and effective. Once in the office, your CoolSculpting Pro will place the applicator under your chin, and that’s it! You can sit back and relax and let the technology work its magic. The applicator uses a suction technique to pull the fat closer to the cooling applicator. The cool temperature will numb the area so you will be comfortable throughout the process. The treatment itself takes about 60 minutes from beginning to end and you will be able to return to your daily routines immediately after the treatment. Patients often experience mild redness after this treatment – and since it’s their neck, they will want to plan social downtime for the rest of the day.

We recommend that patients bring something to do during their treatment. This treatment is so easy and painless that patients can check their emails, read, watch a movie, or even take a relaxing nap during the procedure. Our offices provide FREE Wifi for our patients.

What Does It Feel Like?

Initially, you will feel a cold sensation for the first few minutes of the CoolMini treatment. Once the area has become numb due to the cool temperature, the remainder of the treatment will be quite comfortable.

After the applicator is removed, there is a quick massage of the treated area. This is the time when patients do notice tingling as their skin starts to warm up. The feeling is similar to the “pins and needles” you might feel if your leg falls asleep. It’s short-lived and tolerable.
Over the next several days, you may feel somewhat sore in the treated area, as if you had done a strenuous workout, and you may occasionally notice the tingling sensation. This is generally resolved within a few days, but the process does vary based on the individual.

Do I Need Anesthesia?

CoolSculpting is a comfortable treatment. Most patients experience some tingling due to the cold, and within a few minutes are numb. You won’t need any additional anesthesia or numbing. You will be able to relax and use the time during the treatment to catch up on work, emails, or your favorite show!


There is no recovery or downtime required with the CoolMini. Once the treatment is complete, patients will be able to return to their routines without missing a beat. There may be numbness of the tissue for a couple of hours following treatment, but this will dissipate on its own. The results of this treatment can be seen after a few weeks; however, the final, lasting results can be seen after about three months.


Each CoolMini treatment is $750 CoolSculpting treatments are also eligible for our Reflections Rewards Plus program. To receive a CoolMini treatment, we ask that you contact your nearest Reflections Center and request a one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced physicians today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many CoolMini Treatments Will I Need?

Although one treatment is enough to see the treatment take effect, our physicians recommend undergoing at least two treatments for optimal results. Depending on your case, you may not need to undergo more than one treatment. The number of treatments that would benefit you can be discussed further during the initial consultation.

How Long Does It Last?

The results of CoolMini are long-lasting because the fat cells are being destroyed and eliminated from the body.

Additional and Alternative Procedures

Patients will be given the opportunity to combine their CoolMini treatment with other treatments we offer, depending on their needs and aesthetic desires. Most commonly, patients opt to include dermal filler injections to smooth out wrinkles on the face and replenish lost volume. During your consultation, your best additional or alternative treatment options can be chosen to provide you with your desired results.


Reflections Center offers Kybella, an injectable alternative treatment that targets and eliminates excess fat, without surgery. Kybella contains deoxycholic acid, a substance found naturally in the body that breaks down fat cells. The targeted fat is eventually destroyed and, like CoolMini, naturally expelled from the body. Click here to read more about Kybella.


Exilis Ultra is an FDA-approved skin tightening treatment. It can easily be combined with CoolMini to further the results. This treatment uses both ultrasound and radiofrequency for the best skin tightening results. Exilis Ultra will induce the body’s natural production of collagen to repair and strengthen the skin. Click here to read more about Exilis Ultra.

Why Choose Reflections Center for CoolSculpting?

At Reflections Center, we offer the latest CoolSculpting technology. Each treatment we offer is safe, effective, and provides the best possible results. On top of our advanced treatments and new facilities, our physicians have undergone extensive hands-on training for their treatment techniques and methods, as well as years of experience in the cosmetic industry. These physicians have to go through a rigorous assessment before joining our team to show the level of skill they can offer. The doctors within our practice are some of the leading cosmetic surgeons in all of New Jersey, maintaining a reputation for providing patients with natural-looking results.

Why choose us?

1. Experience- we’ve had the CoolSculpting machine for over 5 years and were one of the first practices in the nation to provide this treatment. In that time we’ve learned the tricks and nuances that make a big difference in the results we’re able to achieve. Our CoolSculpting Pros aren’t just educated at CoolSculpting University, they’re also trained by Top Cosmetic Physicians with the experience that counts.

2. We have alternative options. Not everyone is going to get a good result from CoolSculpting. We know when to recommend a different treatment, and how to get the results that you want. Click here to learn about Laser Liposuction.

Schedule Your Consultation

We work hard to provide every one of our patients with natural-looking results that leave you looking refreshed and feeling youthful.

The first step in finding out if CoolMini is the right treatment for you is to contact your local Reflections Center office and schedule a consultation. During your private consultation, your physician will ask you about your particular concerns and what you are looking to achieve through this treatment. Once this has been discussed, the doctor will assess your medical history and perform a physical evaluation, which will allow them to determine which treatment(s) will give you the best results. Together you’ll form a plan for treatment that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Medical Director at Reflections Center

Dr. Mitchell Chasin founded Reflections Center for skin & body as a place where physicians specializing in cosmetic medicine could focus on helping empower patients to feel their most beautiful. Dr. Chasin believes strongly that the best cosmetic physicians are those who are dedicated to mastering their craft through continuing education and collaboration with the industry’s top doctors.