The O Shot® (Orgasm Shot®) is the first treatment designed to enhance a woman’s enjoyment of sex.

If “KY Gel, a Vibrator, and better communication with your partner” feels like outdated advice, it’s because they are! The sexual revolution is here – and it’s time women felt empowered to enjoy sex beyond their twenties, after childbirth, and even after menopause.
There are so many treatments that have become available in recent years that tackle sexual health and performance, including ThermiVa, Exilis Ultra Femme, Emsella, and the DiVa laser, but the O-Shot is the only treatment that addresses the woman’s pleasure and enjoyment, as opposed to physical function.

“My orgasms are better, longer, and honestly, I can’t get enough of my husband — I can’t recommend it enough.”
– Anonymous1

O-Shot Benefits

The O-Shot helps restore and renew the cells in the most important parts of the vagina and vulva for sexual pleasure, by both creating new cell growth and enhancing blood flow to these tissues, which increases sensitivity.

Benefits of the O-Shot Include:

  • Increased sexual desire and libido improvement
  • Increased Intensity of Orgasms
  • Much easier time reaching orgasm – including ability to reach orgasm without clitoral stimulation (vaginal orgasm through the g-spot)
  • Increased vaginal lubrication – and a decrease in painful intercourse for those experiencing that
  • Improved Appearance of skin surrounding the clitoris

Gail, 53, has been married for 20 years and had resigned herself to lackluster, once-a-month lovemaking. “I wasn’t really aroused no matter what we did,” she says… The result? She noticed an immediate effect, and she returned home from work that day ready to go. Whereas before, she’d fake orgasms and felt “inadequate,” she now looks forward to sex.2

How long does it take for O shot to work?

Because the O-Shot includes direct injection of very sensitive areas, these tissues will experience increase sensitivity right away. You may or may not like this, but that swelling tends to resolve within 1-3 days afterward. Then things feel as if they’ve gone back to normal – but beneath the surface your body is hard at work building new cells and increasing blood flow. This process of building new tissues will be done around 8-12 weeks later, when the full results of the treatment are realized.

O-Shot Injection

The O-Shot makes use of your own growth and healing factors, extracted and concentrated down from your own blood.
This is then injected by a highly skilled physician into 2 locations:

  • Into and around the clitoris – the most sensitive part of the vulva outside of the vagina, that most women achieve the most pleasure from
  • Into and around the “g-shot” – a sensitive part of the inside of the vagina believed to be very important to climax during sexual intercourse with a male

By her late 30s, getting to that same level of arousal “required so much foreplay, I was ready to give up,” say Nadia, age 39. When she heard about the O-Shot, she decided to give it a try. She says she now has an orgasm every time she has sex, “stronger ones than I used to have when I was younger.2

O-Shot Cost

The O-Shot price at our office is $1200 per treatment.

For a limited time, we will be offering the O-Shot at $1000 per treatment as an introductory incentive to encourage our patients to try this life-changing treatment. Call us now to take advantage!

O-Shot Treatment: What is the procedure like?

After meeting with your female physician for an in-depth consultation, including your medical history and clearance for the procedure, we follow these steps to perform the O-Shot Injections:
Step 1: Your blood is drawn and taken to our in-house lab to be transformed into the Vampire plasma and drawn up into 2 syringes
Step 2: Numbing cream is applied to the outside of the vagina, while you lay comfortably. it takes about 15 to 20 minutes for this to “kick in.”
Step 3: Numbing injections are given for the areas to be injected inside the vagina. These take immediate effect.
Step 4: The 2 sets of injections in the clitoris and G-spot are given in the now-numbed areas, taking about 10 minutes in total.

“Overall, I’m about twice as likely to feel stimulated during sex and achieve orgasm, and those orgasms are stronger and better every time.”
– Emil McCombs3

Downtime After the O-Shot

There’s no real “downtime” after the O-Shot. You can return to work, social activities, and working out immediately, though sex must wait 24 hours.

O-Shot Risks & Side Effects

There are some rare complications since a needle is being used, such as bruising, infection, granuloma, urethral injury, or nerve damage.
One might experience spotting (light bleeding at the injection sites), hypersexuality, or no effect at all.
But the vast majority of patients report these side effects:

  • Swelling that lasts 24-72 hours
  • Heightened awarenes of the area injected
  • Improved sexual function that continues to improve over the first 8 weeks and then maintains for up to a year

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O-Shot Providers Near Me

The O-Shot is provided in our office by Dr. Joni Jefferson, a cosmetic physician with a focus in vaginal rejuvenation and women’s health procedures. She has been trained by Dr. Charles Runnel, the creator of O-Shot, and is a certified provider of this treatment.

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Cosmetic & Laser Physician at

Dr. Joni Jefferson is board certified and has been practicing medicine for over 15 years. She has extensive experience in woman’s care and surgical procedures, in addition to completing a cosmetic dermatology fellowship that has prepared her well for her role as a cosmetic physician at Reflections.