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RHA Fillers

RHA filler is a family of hyaluronic acid (H.A.) fillers that are formulated in a gel that resists against the damaging effect of regular facial movement on the duration of the filler, creating longer-lasting and more natural moving results than older formulations of hyaluronic acid fillers.

RHA filler is a family of hyaluronic acid (H.A.) fillers that are formulated in a gel that resists against the damaging effect of regular facial movement on the duration of the filler, creating longer-lasting and more natural moving results than older formulations of hyaluronic acid fillers.

RHA stands for “Resistant Hyaluronic Acid”, a description of this new formulation of Hyaluronic Acid Filler that resists the damaging affects of movement, allowing it to last longer and appear more natural in areas of dynamic movement in the face. RHA is a Swiss innovation and has been used widely in Europe since 2015 (and in the U.S. since 2020), and was formulated by a woman who helped formulate Juvederm over 2 decades ago. She wanted to create an H.A. filler that more closely mimicked the H.A. we have in our faces, and credits that pursuit with the invention of a new class of fillers that moves more naturally and lasts longer in the face, particularly in areas of dynamic movement, up to 15 months (as opposed to 6-12 months with others).

RHA Filler Quick Facts

  • FDA approved to treat dynamic wrinkles – not for replacing lost volume or sculpting
  • Family of fillers: RHA2, RHA3, AND RHA4, each with distinct properties
  • Moves more naturally
  • Lasts up to 15 months
  • Costs $750 per syringe
  • Best for areas of the face that move a lot – lips, around the mouth, under the eyes, cheeks, and chin

This new gel consistency moves more naturally in the face and lasts longer due to its resistant properties. One of the aspects that are most noticeable in overfilled and strange filler results is when part of the face doesn’t move naturally, this is very common in overfilled cheeks at the under-eye junction. Of course, with all filler results, 80% is about who did the injecting and 20% is about choosing (and having on hand) the right filler for the job, but here we see a product that really offers an improvement over what previous HA filler technologies could, and that’s important, especially for areas of high movement, like around the mouth, chin, nose, and under eyes.

The Best RHA Filler Treatments

It’s important to understand that RHA Fillers were clinically studied for safety and effectiveness in treating dynamic wrinkles – the wrinkles that come from facial expressions. This means these fillers weren’t made for, or proven to, do much in the way of adding volume, lifting the face, contouring, or changing specific features. Treating individual wrinkles isn’t really a big focus in aesthetics anymore, because for most people, looking more youthful or attractive isn’t just about erasing a wrinkle or two – it’s about replacing lost volume, enhancing your best features, balancing the face’s proportions, and erasing a few lines – and very often, by replacing lost volume, we’re lifting away quite a few of the wrinkles that bother people most (like those lines around the mouth – smile lines).

So you can understand why RHA Fillers aren’t the ones we reach for most often – but because they can create amazing results in the patient that needs a specific line or two erased, we do stock them (along with every FDA Approved Filler), and we do make good use of them, for the right patients. We believe the best filler results come from physicians (who have a deeper understanding of facial anatomy) who have been injecting fillers for many years and who regularly inject dozens of patients each week, who have every possible filler at their disposal to create the very best results for each individual patient. And that’s what you can expect at Reflections Center for Cosmetic Medicine: a real commitment to creating the best, most natural results for each and every patient.

Understanding the Various RHA Fillers: RHA 2, RHA 3, & RHA 4

There are 3 RHA fillers that have been FDA Approved, meaning that they are safe and allowed to be used here in the U.S., and they’re only awarded that status after proving through rigorous scientific studies that they are safe and do what they claim to do – in this case, improving dynamic wrinkles.


RHA 2 is the most resilient – giving it a consistency like gum – it stretches and sticks, and then recoils back to its original form – but isn’t very firm. This filler works better when injected more superficially or in areas with thin skin, like the lips and under eyes. We find it does an excellent job at improving areas with a series of finer lines, which we sometimes see on the cheeks of certain individuals.


RHA 3 is thicker, with the same resiliency, making it a bit more like taffy or caramel. This is the workhorse of the lot, in our opinion, as it perfectly mimics the tissues in areas of high movement that have defined moderate lines – most often that is the smile lines, or nasolabial folds as doctors call them.


RHA 4 is the thickest of the 3 RHA Fillers, with the least amount of stretch. This is our least favorite of the bunch because we feel Voluma, Lyft, and Defyne are better alternatives for creating structure, and Voluma gets added boost by being hydrophilic (meaning it absorbs and holds onto water, increasing its volume after injection) and it lasts 24 months, not the 15 RHA 4 does.

Patient Stories About Natural-Looking Filler Results

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“I'm 46 years old and I've been a patient of Dr. Chasin's for almost a decade. He is so passionate about what he does and yet he has such compassion for his patients. I find myself completely comfortable here and that's why I come back all the time.”

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“I've seen tons of people where it looks really, I mean it's so overdone it looks like it may pop. So I didn't want to look like that at all, and Dr. Chasin is so good about that. What I love about him is he does not hesitate to tell you no.”

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Why Choose Reflections For RHA Fillers

We Have It in Stock & We Have Experience with RHA – Unlike Most Offices

First, RHA isn’t one of the two big manufacturers of ‘Tox and Fillers, and the manufacturers are being quite selective about who they’ll allow to purchase it. So you won’t see them at most offices, and there are many injectors who don’t have any experience with them. Because our doctors inject so much, and because we have a commitment to having all of the best options available, our office stocks every FDA-approved filler, and our doctors understand the nuances of filler selection and injection techniques. We believe this is why we’re able to create such consistently great outcomes.

Because RHA fillers are new, don’t think that any office that has RHA fillers has the experience needed to create the results you want. Our cosmetic physicians have decades of experience with dermal fillers and will make sure you understand exactly what results can be achieved. We’ll never push treatments that you don’t need or are above your comfort level. At Reflections, we’ll be completely open and honest about what you can expect from filler treatment and the best way to achieve your most confident self.

Expertise & Experience = Options

If RHA Is Not the Perfect Choice for You

Second, RHA may not be the right choice for you, and in which case, you want an injector with the experience and stock of fillers, to be able to use the right one for you. Our office has not only the familiarity and availability, but our injectors are all physicians who have been doing this for many years, giving them the expertise and experience to really provide you with exactly what you need, easily and quickly.


Finally, Reflections Rewards Program means you can still experience savings, even if you mix and match across the filler and ‘Tox brands. Most practices only participate with Alle and Aspire, so patients need to stay loyal to the 2 big manufacturers, Galderma and Allergan, to get rewards coupons and see savings. But that inherent bias doesn’t really serve the patient. We have our own loyalty program, Reflections Rewards, which you can use in combination with both Alle and Aspire, to maximize your savings across all of your treatments, no matter the brand.


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Dr. Michelle Ellern’s skillful hands, artful techniques, and warm and caring personality as a cosmetic physician make her a wonderful addition to Reflections. She is certified in Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.