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Hand Rejuvenation

If your face looks younger than your years but your hands aren’t keeping up, there’s help.

Dr. Renata Wix-Harris is Spillin’ the Tea on Anti Aging of the Hands!

Usually, when we think about anti-aging, most of our attention can go to our face, but this isn’t the only part of us that’s visible — We can’t forget about our hands!
Dr. Wix-Harris teaches us how we can bring life, texture, and volume back to our hands using laser & filler treatments, as well as how we can protect them. We want you to avoid having “vampire hands!” What are those, you ask? Dr. Wix has a famous example you may have heard of. ; )

We have a host of solutions to make your hands look young again— or at least be a closer match to your face. Your hands give away your age: pigment changes, age spots, uneven texture, fat loss and prominent veins all make your hands look old. However, topical treatments, lasers and fillers can refresh your hands in the same way they turn back the clock on facial skin to create more youthful contours.

Hand Rejuvenation Quick Facts

  • Non-Surgical Treatments Performed by Doctors
  • Lasers, Fat Transfer, & Injections
  • From $850 – $3,500+

Today’s Best Options for Hand Rejuvenation

Your hands speak volumes about your stress level, age, and wellness. If you want your hands to look as young as possible, use a good moisturizing hand cream on a regular basis, drink plenty of water, and be sure to use a good sunscreen. See us for treatments that can help you, whatever your hands need!

Fillers or Fat Transfer to Smooth & Soften Hands’ Appearance

The most common complaint for hands is having veiny hands with tendons that are prominent. This is easily fixed with filler injections, with Radiesse, Lyft, and Voluma being the most popular fillers used for this.
However, as Dr. Wix-Harris mentions in the video above, fat transfer, especially if done with concentrated microfat injections, creates a very natural and long-lasting result that really comprehensively improves not just the softness of the hands but how youthful the skin appears, as well.

Sun Spot Removal with Lasers, Chemical Peels

Fraxel Re:Store Dual, Fraxel CO2, eCO2, erbium, and the Q-Switched Yag are the lasers we most commonly use for the hands, although they aren’t the only lasers we could use (for the right patient and situation). Amongst these popular lasers, we are often selecting options based on a patient’s preference for downtime versus desire for big result (big results can be had with minimal downtime only if you’re willing to do a series of treatments, for almost all cosmetic goals).

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Improve Skin Texture & Youthfulness with Lasers, Chemical Peels, or Retin-A

Retin-A and gentle chemical peels can be done at home, with products purchased over the counter or prescribed by our doctors. Most patients will want to start there, provided they have mild or moderate discoloration or texture issues on the hands.
When gentler products don’t make a big enough impact, then lasers are typically the treatment of choice. Lasers

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Compare Options For Hand Rejuvenation

Treatment Cost Invasiveness Downtime How It Works
Dermal Fillers (Lyft, Radiesse) $850 per syringe Non-invasive Minimal Swelling, Potential for bruising Replacing lost volume
Laser Skin Resurfacing $450-600 per treatment Non-invasive, Topical Numbing available Mild Swelling/Redness for 3-5 days Stimulating new collagen & elastin to improve skin quality

Laser Brown Spot Removal

$200-$350 per treatment Non-Invasive Mild redness for 24-48 hours, & spots become darker and flake over the first week Laser specifically targets isolated sunspots
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Dr. Verity Johnson is a board-certified Physician specializing in non-surgical treatments. She joined our practice at the end of 2021. Prior to that, she spent time perfecting her injection technique under some of the nation’s top injectors and she joins us with the skills and experience we know patients have come to expect from a Reflections’ Expert Injector.