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Concentrated Micro-Fat Injections

Micro fat harnesses the multi-potent potential of your fat to create more youthful hair and skin.

Micro fat harnesses the multi-potent potential of your fat to create more youthful hair and skin.

Nanofat is your own fat that Reflections Center processes in a special way in order to recruit and build new cells in the area that is injected.

Concentrated micro fat injections is a cutting-edge treatment that offers amazing, natural results through the power of stem cells.

This procedure isolates and concentrates your stem cells and growth factors into a next-level injectable procedure. Concentrated micro fat injections has been used in orthopedic (bone and joint) medicine, dentistry, and reconstructive surgery to repair what age or trauma has destroyed. Now the field of regenerative aesthetics is bringing this same technology to cosmetic medicine.

Concentrated Micro Fat Injections Quick Facts

  • Restores diminished fat stores in the face for a more youthful look.
  • Long-term results.
  • Little downtime.

What Can Concentrated Micro-Fat Injections Be Used To Treat?

You can learn more about stem cells and their applications in cosmetic medicine by visiting our page on regenerative cosmetic treatments. Concentrated Micro-Fat Injections can be used to repair and rebuild areas that have been damaged by age or trauma, including:

Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Dark circles are incredibly difficult to treat, especially when the issue is thin skin and not so much a deficit in the fat volume under the eye. When the skin is thin, it becomes crepey with many fine lines that soon become wrinkles. In fair to medium toned skin, the skin can become so thin that the blue of veins that wrap around the eye socket are visible through the skin, creating a dark discoloration. For those with deep brown or black skin, dark discoloration, especially when it has almost a purple cast to it, is most often due to an inflammatory response to friction.

In either case, thin skin that is contributing to dark circles under the eyes can be treated with a combination of concentrated micro-fat injections and topical application after a laser or microneedling session. We find this treatment creates profound results for more stubborn cases.

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Hair Growth Treatments with Micro-Fat (ALMI)

ALMI stands for Autologous Micro-Fat Injections, and it explains a procedure that makes use of your own fat to regrow thinning hair on your scalp. Typically, we mix these with Concentrated Platelets, taken from your own blood.

Acne Scar Surgery

Acne scars are one of the most frustrating concerns patients have, and the long process to remodel and improve them can be incredibly frustrating and expensive. When patients decide they want to invest in a more aggressive approach, we offer a procedure called “Acne Scar Surgery” which includes performing a number of various treatments, under local anesthesia, in a single treatment. We almost always include micro-fat injections because they offer such a boost to the results that you can get with subcision, lasers, and microneedling.

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Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSC) and Growth Factors

Your fat, especially the fat around your midsection (abdomen & love handles), is full of growth factors and stemcells. In fact, this is the highest concentration of stem cells that we currently know of in the adult human body. These adipose-derived stem cells can be used by the body to repair and rebuild itself.

Stem cells are “undifferentiated” cells that can become (differentiate into) bone, fat, nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels, collagen, skin cells, and other organ cells, depending upon where they are injected and what treatments they are paired with1.

Before & After Photos of Concentrated Micro Fat Injections

Frequently Asked Questions on Concentrated Micro Fat Injections

  • What is concentrated micro fat injections

    Concentrated Micro-Fat Injections are two words that refer to fat which is harvested from your own body and processed to concentrate the growth factors and stem cells within your fat to repair and restore your own body.

  • How is concentrated micro fat injections different than fat transfer?

    Both nanofat and fat transfer use your own fat to achieve long-lasting results.

    • The goal of fat transfer is to move volume from one area to another.
    • The goal with concentrated micro fat injections is to harness the power of your growth factors and stem cells within your own fat so that you can repair and restore the skin where the concentrated micro fat injections is injected.

    Concentrated micro fat injections can be used to help grow some new fat cells, in addition to other tissues, but you should not expect to see more than a very mild volume change at the site where it is injected.

  • What is the ALMI Procedure?

    ALMI is a brand name for a nanofat technique. It is an advanced technique most physicians using the TULIP brand of nanofat processors are performing. Our physicians are very familiar with this technique, and were performing their concentrated micro fat injections procedures this way before ALMI branded the procedure. We currently view this as the best way to perform the concentrated micro fat injections procedure, but will continue to pursue excellence in our procedures and make changes to our techniques as advancements occur. ALMI stands for Autologous Lipodocyte Micronized Injections, which is medical jargon for your own fat (autologous lipodocyte) turned into nanofat (micronized) and injected into your body.

  • What is concentrated micro fat injections like?

    We perform concentrated micro fat injections treatments under local anesthesia in our private office located in Martinsville(Bridgewater Township), New Jersey.
    During the procedure, fat is harvested from the stomach, love handles, and/or inner thigh, the areas with the best concentration of stem cells. The fat is then processed to isolate and concentrate the stem cells and growth factors, before being injected into the treatment area. The injections feel very much like having dermal fillers injected. Patients do have the option to receive additional relaxing medication by mouth, although that will require the patient to secure a driver for the ride home after the procedure.
    Patients will see some swelling and occasionally some bruising following their procedure. Although many patients tell us they have gone out to dinner the evening of their treatment or the day after, you may want to take 1-3 days off from big events in case your swelling is more noticeable.
    You should not expect a big recovery from the harvest site. You will most likely not need to wear a compression garment or follow special instructions like a liposuction patient would.

  • How many concentrated micro fat injections treatments will I need?

    Most patients will have a single treatment with concentrated micro fat injections. Over time, the cells that grow as a result of your concentrated micro fat injections treatment will be subject to normal aging and wear and tear, just like your other cells, so you may decide to have more treatments in the future.

  • When will I see results from my concentrated micro fat injections treatment?

    Results from nanofat injections begin to be noticeable within a few weeks and continue to develop for 3-6 months.

  • Why combine concentrated micro fat injections with concentrated platelet injections?

    Concentrated Platelet injections isolate and concentrates the growth factors within your blood. The growth factors stimulate the stem cells within the nanofat and other cells in the area which the concentrate is injected to develop new collagen, healthy blood vessels and other substances to rejuvenate the skin. We combine platelet injections with nanofat, to offer the very best results. You can learn more about this combination approach by visiting our Concentrated platelet injections page.

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Dr. Mitchell Chasin is a Cosmetic & Laser Physician at Reflections Center. Dr. Chasin believes strongly that the best cosmetic physicians are those who are dedicated to mastering their craft through continuing education and collaboration with the industry’s top doctors.