Finally, a single procedure that produces dramatic results for repairing the damage of acne scars.

If you’ve struggled with acne scars and haven’t seen the results you want from creams, lasers, or needling, it’s time to consider acne scar surgery, a single procedure that combines all of the best and most aggressive treatments to create an amazing transformation. This procedure is only performed by a handful of the top cosmetic surgeons in the United States and represents the cutting edge of combination therapy for acne scar treatments.

“The results are amazing. It’s nice to be able to spend my mornings relaxing instead of layering cover-up.”
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Repair Acne Scars at the Source

Cystic acne, or large, inflamed pustules, damage not only the collagen support system of the skin, but also the underlying fat stores. When they are finally cleared away, they leave an empty pocket, causing the skin to sink in, creating boxcar or rolling scars. While the skin is healing, scar tissue can sometimes bind the skin to fibers below, creating deep, firm indents called ice pick scars.

Cystic Acne creates scars in 3 ways as it Heals

  • It damages the skin above, destroying the collagen fibers that give skin its elasticity and strength, thinning the skin out.
  • It destroys normal fat cells in the area, creating an empty gap in the support below that part of the skin. As the skin heals, it will fall down into this hole, creating an indented scar.
  • Scar tissue forms, tethering the skin to the tissues below, creating deep, firm ice pick indentations.
  • Scarring can leave behind dark or red spots of discoloration.

Acne Scar Surgery Repairs and Restores Skin

Your treatment will combine the best and latest technologies and techniques to create a customized approach, which can include:

  • Subcision releases the fibrous tethers and breaks up scar tissue to release and smooth the skin.
  • Fat is harvested from the stomach or love handles and is used to replace the lost fat in the indented scars (if a patient is too skinny, or prefers not to have fat transfer, dermal fillers can be used in the same way).
  • CO2 laser skin resurfacing thickens the skin, helps rebuild collagen, and removes dark discoloration. We use our strongest CO2 lasers, the Lutronic eCO2 or the Fraxel Re:Pair CO2, for this procedure, to create the most dramatic results.
  • RF Microneedling remodels collagen below the skin’s surface to destory scar tissue and trigger growth of new collagen support under the skin for a smooth, soft surface.

What is it like to have acne scar surgery? Is it like real surgery?

Acne scar surgery is performed under Comfort Calm™ Local Anesthesia, so you are completely relaxed, but not under general anesthesia during this surgery. Most patients are awake throughout the procedure, but the calming music, dark lighting, and soft blankets of our private surgical suite often lull patients to sleep during the procedure.

This surgery can take between 1-3 hours, depending on the number of scars and severity of scarring which needs to be treated.

If you feel frustrated by persistent and widespread acne scars, this surgery can be life-changing.

What Does Acne Scar Surgery Cost?

This acne scar surgery combines fat transfer and surgical laser skin resurfacing and is the only procedure to provide truly comprehensive treatment for each individual scar. Because the surgery is based on the severity and number of your individual acne scars, it is impossible to give you an exact price quote here. However, in general, this procedure tends to cost $4000 -7000, depending on which combination of therapies are used.

When you consider that dermal fillers tend to cost $650 -$800 per syringe and only last around a year, and that a series of laser treatments typically runs $2000 or more, and that even if you combined dermal fillers and lasers, you wouldn’t have the same level of transformation or longevity of result, the true value of this procedure really comes to light.

Full financing for acne scar surgery is available under the financing tab of the menu above, or by clicking here.

What’s the Recovery Like After Acne Scar Surgery? How Does This Compare to Other Acne Scar Treatments?

There is increased downtime with this treatment when compared to less aggressive nonsurgical acne scar treatments. Patients should expect to take 5-7 days off from work, social, and physical activities to recover. Redness, swelling, and bruising are expected during the recovery process from acne scar surgery. Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions on what to do to maximize your results and minimize your recovery time. This is the most aggressive treatment for acne scars, but the recovery is well worth it once you see the amazing results.

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