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Botox in Branchburg, NJ

Botox in Branchburg, NJ is an effective, non-surgical solution to common signs of aging.

Botox in Branchburg, NJ is an effective, non-surgical solution to common signs of aging.

Botox in Branchburg, NJ

The Reflections Center in Branchburg offers the most effective Botox treatment to its clients. Even though Botox has become a common treatment offered even at parties and spas, natural and subtle results can only be offered by physicians who are experienced in the treatment.

We have been performing thousands of Botox treatments each month and that is why our physicians understand how each patient is different and requires varying amounts of Botox to achieve natural results. Dr. Chasin has even served as the national training physician for Botox, Restylane, Perlane and Fraxel lasers among others. The rest of our team also routinely trains other doctors in the safe and effective use of Botox and dermal fillers as well as in the use of latest technology and innovations.

Undoubtedly then, we have thousands of happy clients who are satisfied with their results that are unlike the ‘frozen faces’ previous treatments may have left them with. The results we offer requires an artistic eye in addition to the experience, and nobody does it better than Dr. Ellern who is famed as the ‘Queen of Lips’ by her patients. When you walk into the Reflections Center in Branchburg, you can be assured of a customized treatment plan that helps you achieve your facial rejuvenation goals.

Botox Alternative Injectable Fillers

Just like Botox, the alternatives Xeomin and Dysport are also neuromodulators that temporarily block the nerve signals to ensure you get a wrinkle-free appearance. When injected by our expert physicians, these give you the subtle and natural results which help you look years younger. The years of experience and knowledge of our physicians help them to understand that your skin is different and requires a customized amount of the fillers to achieve optimal results. If you are looking for facial rejuvenation in Branchburg, you can choose from these options:

Dermal Fillers

At Reflections Center, we have been using dermal fillers to correct the effects of aging and any asymmetry as well as enhance your natural beauty. This approach to fillers gives our patients natural results that restore the harmony in your facial features. We continuously use the latest advancements in technology and are committed to training other surgeons and dermatologists in their use as well. These techniques help make your experience less painful and you will suffer from less bruising after the treatment. Patients in Branchburg can choose from the following dermal fillers:

About Branchburg, NJ

Branchburg is a township in the Somerset County of New Jersey. It is named for its location which is at a point where the branches of the Raritan River merge. It has the Lamington River on the north, the North Branch of the Raritan River on the east and the South Branch of the Raritan River on the east and south. These rivers and the brooks and streams are a haven for fishermen since they have an abundance of trout. Branchburg is home to the 2012 14U Babe Ruth World Series Championship baseball team which is the first from New Jersey since 1989. Another point of interest at Branchburg is The Little Red Schoolhouse that was renovated in 2007 when the bell tower was added back on top of the building.