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Botox® Union NJ

Learn more about your options for Botox with Reflection Center in Union.

Learn more about your options for Botox with Reflection Center in Union.

Botox in Union, NJ

With the constant movement of facial muscles to make expressions like laughter and anger, deep wrinkles begin to develop over the years. Botox® injections can be used to relax your muscles in order to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is a neuromodulator that blocks the nerve signals to your facial muscles which means that they do not contract anymore, and this ultimately reduces the wrinkles and lines formed on your face. The temporary weakening of the muscles relaxes the wrinkles, softening lines for a youthful and relaxed appearance. It is important that you choose an experienced physician for your Botox injections since wrong administering leads to an unnatural pulled look that you may have seen in several online reviews. We at Reflections Center Union, offer you subtle results to help you achieve your desired skin rejuvenation.

Our experienced team understands that everybody has a different skin type and that different people have different aesthetic goals. Due to our vast experience with stunning results, we have been training surgeons and dermatologists across the globe in the correct usage of Botox to offer optimal results. Our patients enjoy the benefit of customized treatments where we adjust the amount of the injectable to be used so that you get the most natural rejuvenation. In addition to Botox, we also offer Xeomin® and dermal fillers that deal with fine lines and loss of volume. The latest techniques and innovations ensure that we offer the most effective treatments in Union and the surrounding areas.

The youthful and refreshed appearance you can achieve at Reflections Center is so stunning even when the results are so subtle that your colleagues and friends won’t even know that you underwent a cosmetic procedure. Undoubtedly then, we have remained the most sought-after cosmetic center for skin rejuvenation with thousands of treatments and happy patients every month.

Botox Alternative Injectable Treatments

Other than Botox, we also offer other neuromodulators that can offer you subtler results. These injectables include Dysport® and Xeomin which we use to help you achieve your facial rejuvenation goals. You can get the desired facial enhancement when we personalize our treatment to reach your goals. Unfortunately, aging signs not only affect the appearance of our patients but most also experience a reduction in their self-confidence affecting their social life. We understand how important facial appearance is to the self-image of our patients and this is why we ensure that each treatment is customized to your specific needs and goals. Our procedures will take years off your appearance without a “done” look allowing you to enjoy a naturally refreshed appearance. Here are the neuromodulators you can choose from in Union City:

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers help us correct the signs of aging on your face. We use these for enhancing your natural features and contours so that you enjoy natural symmetry without any drastic changes to your features. The years of experience we have gained with the use of these techniques and the use of the latest innovations help us give you these results. In addition to helping our patients in Union get stunning results, we also train dermatologists across the US so that they can master the correct usage of dermal fillers too and help their patients get the natural enhancement they desire. Here are the fillers you can choose from at our location in Union:

About Union, NJ

Union is a city in the Hudson County of New Jersey. It was incorporated in 1925 with the merger of Union Hill and West Hoboken Township. The two nicknames of the city reflect its history – “The embroidery capital of the United States” and “ Havana on the Hudson”. Thousands visit the city every year to see the country’s longest-running “passion play” and the annual Cuban Day Parade of New Jersey. There are several landmarks that are designated by the New Jersey Register of Historic Places like the former Monastery and Church of Saint Michael the Archangel, now known as the Hudson Presbyterian Church. Visitors can also enjoy the Park Performing Arts Center, the Carnegie libraries, and the Blue Chapel.